komplete audio 2

Native Instruments are now a house hold name in the music production game. They have one of the biggest collection of software plug ins and instruments on the market and when it comes to hardware they don’t play either. The Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2 is a compact, portable, USB powered audio interface. Not only does it sound great, it comes with a heap of software which most other companies just can’t rival at this price. So what do you get when you pick up a Komplete Audio 2?

komplete audio 2

Compact and Portable

The Komplete Audio 2 is slim and compact. It will easily drop into your laptop bag and you would be good to go wherever you set up. It is also completely USB powered meaning no need for an external power supply. Just pop the USB into your laptop and you are ready to plug in mics, instruments or any other audio input. komplete audio 2

The Connections

The Komplete Audio 2 may be compact but it comes with an array of connections. On the back you’ll find 2 1/4″ TRS connections for connection to your monitors. The front provides two combi inputs for either TRS or XLR with line/instrument selectors. Each channel has its own gain control. Next to that you will find 48v Phantom power button, along side monitoring controls, and a headphone output with individual volume control. Native have really thought about making the most of the compact unit by including clever things like the combi plugs. Automatically you get twice the flexibility without adding any more real estate. The Mic Pre-amps are great, very low noise level and super transparent sounding. The quality of the Pre-amps is brilliant, especially for this price point. komplete audio 2

The Free Software

Now this is where Native really give the goods. The big selling point for me with the Komplete Audio is the amount of great, pro level software that Native throw in for free with this interface. Simply download Native Access, pop in your serial key included with the interface, and all your available downloads will appear. komplete audio 2 Monark – The Monark is based on classic analogue Synths. a great instrument with plenty of nuanse. Get that warm analogue sound. komplete audio 2 replika Replika – 2 professional quality delays. This is a brilliant tool to add a bit of sparkle to whatever you add it to. It has various delay algorithms which are unique and difficult to replicate. komplete audio 2 Phasis – A powerful Phase tool komplete audio 2 Solid Bus Comp – use this on single channels or an entire mix, this compressor sounds good any most things. komplete audio 2 Maschine Essentials – Maschine has been around for a while and has a reputation for being a great production suite. Its a powerful groove box full of samples and loops to use. Komplete Start – a selection of instruments and effects from the native Instruments catalogue. Ableton Live Lite – You also get a lite version of Ableton which you need to install seperately. This is a great piece of software to bring your production to a live performance. Sounds.com – 2 months subscription to Sounds.com which gives you access to millions of samples and loops and integrates into the Maschine software.


What you need to take into account is that most of these included software are premium pro quality products that native does sell on their own. Just the software alone would make this bundle worth it however Native have created a really clean looking interface. It feels well built and rugged yet is compact and portable. The USB power and combi inputs are a nice touch to make sure you can really take this out on the road and have the flexibility to plug in whatever you want. The Native Instruments Komplete Audio is available to buy online or pop into our Birmingham Showroom