Komplete Kontrol MK2 Keyboards: New Generation, New Style
Komplete Kontrol MK2 Keyboards from Native Instruments have just been announced and it is fair to say that we are excited. The new line up consists of the Kontrol S61 MK2 and the Kontrol S49 MK2 keyboard controllers. The new generation of Komplete Kontrol keyboards follows on the heels of the original line up of keyboards: the S25, the S49, the S61 and S88. Komplete-Kontrol-MK2-Keyboard-2

What’s new?

The biggest and most exciting improvement to the earlier Komplete Kontrol models is the addition of a pair of super high-resolution screens. Their vibrant and exuberantly toned display truly brings a new dimension to the playing experience as you can see your work in an intricately detailed, stunningly designed visual form. The screens are a handy aid in the playing process as they allow you to tweak your parameters, mix and edit your tracks and to browse through a selection of patches. While the screens add a stylistic sophistication not found on the MK2’s predecessor, the screens are also paramount to the experience of playing the MK2. The screens are not a gimmick but a tool that truly aids your creative experience to take it to the next level. Komplete-Kontrol-MK2-Keyboard-screen

Familiar Favourites

The MK2 does not drastically depart from its predecessor so fans of the original series can rest assured that the new generation of keyboard controllers is not a completely different model to get to grips with. The MK2 pays homage to the original by keeping the emblematic Fatar keybed. As you would expect, the S49 has 49 keys and the S61 has 61 keys respectively. The Fatar keybed is an industry leading design so you can be assured of its robust and ergonomic quality. The keys are semi-weighted and also showcase sensitive after touch properties for added control and finesse. Fans of Native Instrument’s keyboards will be pleased to see that the brand have retained the Light Guide, a design feature which has become instantly recognisable with their keyboard designs. The MK2 series of keyboards has pulled off the delicate feat of balancing existing design features that fans know and love, with new and innovative additions that will appeal to diehards and new enthusiasts alike. Komplete-Kontrol-MK2-Keyboard-detail

Intuitive, Exciting Design

Let’s take a closer look at some of the mouth-wateringly exciting features that the MK2 offers keyboard fans. Firstly, the pitch and mod controls are gorgeously designed. Fully ergonomic, they offer intuitive and natural handling, which adds a greater level of expression and sensitivity to your playing. Alongside this, the touch-sensitive smart strip is fully assignable which again increases your creative options so you can express yourself with greater clarity and expression. The MK2 also showcases eight knobs that are each highly touch sensitive. These allow you to precisely tweak your sound so that it sounds exactly like you imagined it to be. Each of the knobs is pre-mapped to the most handy and common of Native Instruments’ Komplete instrument. Komplete-Kontrol-MK2-Keyboard-detail-2 As you would expect from a Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol keyboard, the MK2 family showcases the brand’s emblematic and celebrated Light Guide feature. The red, green and blue lights sitting above each key allows you to visualise sounds, switches and scales, all at a quick glance. Like so many other features on the MK2, the Light Guide seamlessly blends a sleek aesthetic with high-calibre features to enhance the creative process. Like its predecessor, the MK2 also offers a whole host of connectivity options. Thanks to the model’s USB connectivity and bus power you can easily and quickly integrate the model into your existing set up. Komplete-Kontrol-MK2-Keyboard-detail-3 Native Instruments have pulled it out of the bag yet again. The MK2 retains the features you love from the first generation and seamlessly includes cutting-edge additions to create a sleek and easy to use design. For the high-definition screens alone, the MK2 is definite upgrade on its predecessor.