Pioneer DJM S3 + DDJ SR2: New and Improved Entry Duo
Pioneer DJM S3 + DDJ SR2 are two thrilling new announcement from DJ maestros Pioneer. Only recently announced, these newly announced designs are sure to be massive successes when the shelves. So, what are they and are they worth your time? Let’s take a look.

The Basics

The DDJ SR2 is a two channel controller that has been significantly updated Pioneer’s current controller output. The DJM S3 meanwhile is a battle and DVS mixer that is aimed directly at newcomers to the mixing scene. Both of these new models have been designed to be used specifically with Serato DJs, so fans of that software will be happy.

DJM S3: Entry Level Mixer

This is a brand new mixer that is aimed directly at users of Serato DJ. In a departure from the already popular and best-selling DJM S9 mixer, the S3 is clearly aimed at newcomers and beginners to the mixing world. It is great to see an entry level design in the DJM family of mixers so more people can enjoy this high-calibre range. As it is an entry level design, you can expect the DJM S3 to offer clean and easy functionality. The model provides a seamless workflow that is designed especially for battle scenarios but crucially free from clutter and a busy, over the top features. pioneer-djm-s3-1 The fundamental design features of the DJM S3 include its Magvel crossfader, which incidentally is a design feature inherited from the DJM-900NXS2. The model may be entry level but Pioneer means business and has not compromised on quality. Like its accompanying DDJ-SR2, the DJM S3 is also ready to be used with Serato DJ thanks to its in-built sound card with DVS functionality. Alongside this, the model has independent channel filters which can be controlled to achieve your desired sound. pioneer-djm-s3-2 As you would expect, the DJM-S3 offers all of the connectivity options you would need of an entry level mixer such as two headphone outputs, XLR outputs and mic/aux inputs.

DDJ-SR2 Controller: Long Awaited Design

This is the first major update that Pioneer has made on a two-channel controller, so the arrival of the SR2 is very welcome. So what’s new on this long awaited update? Firstly, the vibrantly toned multi-coloured performance pads are a noticeable update. Not only do they look visually exciting but they are also a great addition thanks to their ability to trigger roll, sampler, hot cue and slicer. pioneer-ddj-sr2-2 What’s more, the pads change colour when you hit them to visualise the pad mode and playing status. The SR2 is super portable which is a great design feature. Its lightweight design combines with useful and comfortable grab handles so you can pick up, travel and play with ease. You can also choose between AC or USB power for simple and convenient powering options. The compact nature of the design is balanced with large and roomy jog wheels that really allow you to achieve increased scratch accuracy and response, which can only improve the quality of your creations. As has been mentioned earlier, the SR2 is designed to be used with Serato DJ. This seamless integration is evident in the model’s specific buttons that can be used to control FX and more complication operations such as slip mode, roll, slicer and hot. Simple to use, all you need to do is connect the SR2 to your PC or Mac and get playing. pioneer-ddj-sr2-3

Worthy Additions?

The DJM-S3 mixer and DDJ-SR2 controller are both worthy and valuable additions to the Pioneer family. By updating and expanding their entry level output, this mixer and controller will appeal to newcomers, new fans and experienced players alike.