KRK Rokit RP4

The KRK Rokit RP4 is the newest model of the world popular Rokit series from KRK. All of the technology has been passed down to the little brother of the group and has not comprimised in any department what so ever, well apart from the size.

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The thinking behind this pocket rokit, is space and lack of it that most people have struggles with. With kit being more affordable than ever, those pieces now have to fight for the right to be on your desk and lets be honest, the speakers are a must. With the size of these being tiny, KRK had to make sure that the sound fell in line with the rest of the range and make sure that their superb reputation isn't tarnished by these new boys, which they have done to a T. Punchy, with an all-round superb sound, these are a great introduction for beginners wanting to step up from desktop speakers or those, like mentioned, that struggle for space. They literally are just a shrunken version of the 5's, even the back is identical too.


They also are available in 3 colours - Black, white and silver, obviously keeping their trademark and ever so recognisable yellow cones.


The price of these for a pair only slightly fall under the RP5's, so some people may just pay the little extra to get the bigger units BUT if you are on a budget and are short of space, these are PERFECT!

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