Pioneer XDJ 700


By the end of the year, Pioneer will have released its brand new, affordable XDJ-700 CDJ model. This model is the little brother of the ever popular XDJ-1000 that was launched nearly a year ago. So whats the XDJ? Shouldnt it be CDJ? Well, thats the thing, there's no CD, its all USB or link format with Rekordbox DJ.

The XDJ 700 boasts a 7 inch, full-colour LCD touch screen that gives you instant creative control in an easy to navigate pannel. The GUI is divided into three sections so you can effortlessly access all the features you need.


The Browse function allows you to call up a Qwerty keyboard and search for keywords. It also lets you choose how you view your tracks: list, artwork or custom view. Hot Cues and Hot Loops can be triggered in perfect time. ou can even Quantize snaps cues and loops to the songs rekordbox beat grid. This enables a reliable performance without breaking the rhythm of your music during playback.

Also featured on the Pioneer XDJ 700 are the much loved functions of its bigger brothers such as the ability to sync up to 4 decks at the same time automatically beatmatching all of the tracks to free you up to be more creative with your mix. In addition, the much loved 'slip mode' is also present which keeps tracks playing muted during live edits such as loop, scratch or reverse. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place.


Simply plug in your rekordbox USB or connect your iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone to load tracks directly to the XDJ. Get access to a multitude of advanced performance features when preparing your tracks in rekordbox or using the rekordbox app.

Prices for the unit will be £519 and £999 for the pair, so this is a perfect alternative for the XDJ-RX if you already have your own, stand alone mixer.

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