Native Instruments Audio 2 MK2 DJ Audio Interface Review

Native Instruments, a leading manufacturer for computer-based DJ and audio production, develop comprehensive answers for all musical styles and professions. As a result, their innovations such as the Traktor Audio 2 MK 2 consistently challenges the boundaries of technology and creative horizons for both professionals and amateurs.


Traktor Audio 2 MK2 is the world’s smallest professional 2-channel soundcard. Currently it is the most cost effective and up to date USB Audio interface specifically for DJs to use with for, Traktor pro 2 and other leading DJ applications. When connected to your PC or Mac, it operates as a soundcard offering dual stereo audio outputs. However where the Audio 2 distinguishes itself from rivals and older models is in its compatibility with iPads or iPhones via the Traktor DJ app. When connected it increases the volume and charges the battery of your iOS device's battery using the optional power supply.

Split Stereo Outputs

One advantage of the Audio 2 is the ability to send two virtual decks from the computer to each one of the stereo outputs meaning you can route virtual decks to physical channels on a DJ mixer so your virtual decks work the same as CDJs or turntables. This means you can cue and monitor. Pre-listen to your headphone mix via one of the dedicated stereo outputs for a flawless mix simultaneously setting the second stereo output as the 'master' signal to an amplifier or speakers. This cannot be done on PCs without a separate interface so the Audio 2 is the perfect accessory for computer DJs. For DJs who want to cue, mix, fade or EQ the Virtual DJ decks with a conventional DJ mixer, each of the stereo outputs can be assigned to two decks directing the audio signal from your PC to your mixer through the external mixer mode. This useful feature means you can take maximum control over all Traktor DJ functions by hooking it up to Native Instrument’s Traktor Kontrol S2 DJ controller for added control of Traktor Pro 2. traktor-audio-2-mk2-djtechdirect

Premium Audio Quality

This new version of the Audio 2 is smaller yet more powerful than its predecessor. Taking portability to the next level with its pocket sized deign, it exhibits 24-bit/48kHz resolution guaranteeing astounding loud and pristine sound perfect for night clubs. The design incorporates convenient 3.5 ml headphone outputs so it is extremely simple and easy to connect to any DJ set up. With dedicated volume controls for each channel and LED indicators to show you where the signal is going, Audio 2 delivers professional studio quality sound tuned for clubs allowing you to transform your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone into a DJ console ready for any setup. Built for the road and seamless Traktor DJ compatibility means you can you stun the crowd at the club then the after party hassle free. Audio 2 also supplies Traktor LE 2 software making it a complete solution for computer DJs in a box. On top of these all-around improvements and ultra-compact design, it comes boxed with iOS and computer cables as well as a free $50/50 Native Instruments e-voucher towards the purchase of any downloadable software at the NI Online Shop.

The Native Instruments Audio 2 is currently £85.00, available here.