Pioneer Cashback Offer on CDJs, DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and FX!

Pioneer are known as the industry leader as far as DJ equipment is concerned and now you can claim up to £160 cashback on selected products.

With a winning formula of great feeling controls integrated with Rekordbox software – the CDJ 900 Nexus and CDJ 2000 Nexus are the professional CD Deck of choice for many clubs, working DJs and music fans. It’s not just CD Decks that have been put on offer – selected mixers, DJ controllers and all-in-one DJ setups also have also been included. Here is what cashback you can claim on your Pioneer purchase:

CDJ 2000 Nexus: £80

CDJ 2000 Nexus M (Platinum): £160

CDJ 900 Nexus: £60

DDJ SR: £40

DJM 900 SRT: £80

DJM 900 Nexus M (Platinum): £160

RMX 1000: £60

RMX 1000 M (Platinum): £80

XDJ R1: £60

Unlike other cashback offers, these aren’t limited to one per purchase or customer. This means if you buy a pair of CDJ 2000 Nexus for example, you can claim a total of £160 cashback!

This also means you can save a staggering £560 cashback on the Pioneer Nexus Platinum Package.


Finance and Package Offers

The cashback offers can also be used in conjunction with our package deals meaning you can still claim £120 cashback even after already receiving a discount on this Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus / DJM 850 CDJ Package and any other package with a qualifying product. There’s also no reason why you can’t take advantage of spreading the cost with a finance application – the cashback offers are still valid and means you get to may monthly over 12, 18, 24 or 36 months as you wish ontop of receiving ! For more details on finance click here.


How To Claim Your Cashback on Your Pioneer Purchase:

To claim your cashback, you will need to register your purchase at the pioneer website. Click here to do so. Once you have registered your details, Pioneer will send you your cash!