Get To Know: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Creating music has become more accessible than ever. With this, it is becoming easier to get access to equipment that won't break the bank and still give a awesome studio sound. One of the first thing any budding music producer looks at is a good interface. With so many offerings how do you know which one to choose? our Get to know series is here to help and today's product is the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6. komplete audio 6, native instruments, audio interface

Great for the studio

For such a small box the Komplete Audio 6 manages to pack in quiet a bit. Starting with 2 combi inputs this lets you connect XLR or 1/4" TSR line with 48V Phanton power on both. It gives the added flexibility of switching between instrument and line connections depending on what you plug in. By using combi inputs its provides more flexibility and means you can plug in your guitar or microphone or both! Each input comes with individual gain control and really high quality mic pre-amps. The pre-amps in the microphone inputs can transform your music and make a difference to the quality of your recordings. Past any tricks audio interfaces fit in to their devices, without a good quality mic pre-out you will have to rely on cleaning up your signal after its been recorded. Next to the inputs you will find a host of monitoring output options. The Komplete Audio 6 allows you to choose which inputs you are monitoring and quickly switch between them and you are able to hear back your recording with zero latency. The last things you will find are two individual headphone outputs. Both headphones have high power outputs meaning you will be able to listen even in a loud live environment. On the back of the unit you will find even more connections. Firstly the usb socket which enables you to speak with your computer. The Komplete audio is also powered completely via USB so no need for an addition power supply. Next to that you will find the midi in and out which allows you to hook up vst instruments such as drum machines, synths etc into your DAW. The digital stereo in/out enables you to transmit lossless digital signals. So the ability to connect an external device via SPDIF can enable you to further expand your set up. Lastly you will find 4 analogue balanced 1/4" balanced outputs which gives you the option of sending audio to two difference sources in stereo. native instruments, komplete audio 6, audio interface

Simple and easy to understand layout

The Komplete Audio 6 has a very clean simple design with a matt black finish so it doesn't attract fingerprints. As you can see it has a great big volume dial on top to control mater volume at a glance. You also get instant visual feedback via the 4 input meters and one output meter. It will also show you when you have 48V phantom power activated as well as a USB power indicator and midi connection. native instruments, audio interface, komplete audio 6

Great for On The Go!

The Kontrol Audio 6 is fully powered by USB and is small and lightweight, making it ideal for mobile studios or taking out on the road with you to include in your live shows. The mic pre's are good enough to deal with professional grade audio and as it is plug and play its a simple addition to any set up. With the Komplete Audio 6 you can make your laptop apart of your live performances. You can enjoy studio quality audio in a live environment. native instruments, komplete audio 6, audio interface

Great software

Native instruments have a plethora of great software and when you buy a Komplete Audio 6 you get a great selection included. Along with the interface you also get Maschine essentials, Replika, Solid Bus Comp, Traktor LE3, Ableton Live lite and more! Not only does the Komplete Audio pack in high quality components, it packages it nicely with some really useful software to help you start getting the most out of your audio interface!


If you want a good audio interface that won't take up lots of room and give you the ability to record through a heap of inputs, the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 is a great buy at just £179.00. This interface comes with some of the best mic pre-outs by far at this price point and has a tonne of really useful tricks. It would be difficult to find something to compete with the Komplete Audio 6 in terms of value for money and flexibility. You can pick up a Komplete Audio 6 from