Get to Know: Pioneer Rekordbox Controllers
Rekordbox is Pioneer DJ's popular choice of interface, for use solely alongside their DDJ-200, DDJ-400, DDJ-800 and DDJ-1000 decks. Whilst they offer products that work for other interfaces, such as Serato and Virtual DJ, rekordbox is arguably their key focus. These controllers (available in our showroom or on our website) all provide the very best in Pioneer DJ engineering. pioneer rekordbox interface mixing screen

The Rekordbox Software

There are only two versions of this software. One is for creating playlists and managing your digital music, the other for live performance. The first of these, the export version, is free to install and is perfect for analysing your songs and compiling playlists. A venues equipment (such as a NXS2 rig) then reads the USB quickly and displays a visual representation of your songs. The second is performance mode. When you buy any new Pioneer DJ rekordbox unit, a free licence comes included. You get the FULL software. No 'intro' version or 'lite' edition, it's the full shebang. You can then plug-in and go, using the music stored on your PC. pioneer dj rekordbox performance export mode selection

The Controllers

The multitude of options is the largest selection that Pioneer offer. Everything from a basic controller that can work with your mobile phone to a pro-level unit with fully sized Nexus jog wheels.
This controller was manufactured to be an easy to use, flexible product. It functions alongside four different applications; WeDJ, djay, edjing Mix and rekordbox. Coming in at a very competitive price point, the 200 is the easiest way to step into the realms of pro DJing. The user just needs some headphones and they're away. The controller comes with an audio splitter that connects to the headphone socket on your phone. This splits the 'cue' and 'master' audio so you can use external speakers whilst still silently cueing on headphones. When in phone mode, the 200 connects to the device via Bluetooth. Depending on your app of choice, you even have the ability to hook up your Spotify Premium account! pioneer rekordbox ddj-200 controller
The next step up is the popular DDJ-400. The 400 is a more 'feature heavy' version of the 200. It's bigger and has more in-built functionality. Because of this, you can hone in your skills and begin to get the feel for being a pro DJ. This is the first entry in the range that mirrors the layout of the club standard decks. Due to its size, there are a few elements that still rely on the software interface, such as choosing FX, but the integration is exceptionally efficient! If you want the ease of a smaller deck with the possiblities of a more advanced product, the 400 strikes the perfect balance. pioneer dj ddj-400 controller birmingham djtechdirect
For those who want the portability of a medium-sized controller, but want as many features packed in as possible, the 800 fits the bill. With this comes the addition of the colour jog wheel display. Because of this feature, you are no longer so reliant on the laptop screen. The 800 introduces another major feature in the mixer section. The onboard mixer is basically a hard-copy of the DJM-450 two-channel mixer, in that it can be used on its own (via two phono/line inputs) as well as with the software. The 800 serves an important purpose. It has all the features of the DDJ-1000 but in a smaller, two-channel package. But for the full four-channel experience, look no further than the DDJ-1000... pioneer ddj-800 rekordbox contoller birmingham djtechdirect
The 1000 is the largest and final mixer in the range. With a club standard design and full-size jogs, it's the closest thing to a full Nexus setup you can get whilst still using your laptop on the go. All the features from the 800 are present, but to a larger scale. Rather than having to switch inputs to external sources, the four channel mixer allows you to play from these alongside your software channels. For the full rekordbox functionality and creativity, the 1000 is the route to success! pioneer ddj-1000 controller rekordbox All of these products are available in-store, also available to order online now