Native Instruments Stems

Attention all Digital DJ's... The new Native Instruments Stems file format has arrived. No longer does DJing mean you have to work with just one song mixing into another. Thanks to the creative geniuses at Native Instruments using stem files your DJ sets can now be transformed to full on live performances with ease thanks to the biggest innovation to a file format in the DJ world since the MP3.


What is a Stem File? this is the question on everyone's lips. The answer in short is that a Stem file is a single that acts as a wrapper for 4 separate music files that all play in sync with each other from start to finish with each of the 4 'stems' containing different elements of the overall track. For example as oppose to just buying the standard track you can now get your hands on the Drums, Bass, musical elements and vocals as all separate layers allowing you to effect or mute out any given parts from one track allowing you to combine it with any chosen (or all) elements from another. Thanks to the power of Native Instruments Traktor (this is an open source file format so expect to see other manufacturers harness it's power in the future) and its Stem format compatible controllers such as the Kontrol S8, Kontrol F1 and Kontrol D2, you can combine up to 4 stem files at once.


To celebrate the launch of this exciting new file format, until the end of the month we are offering up to £170 off Stem compatible controllers. This includes all of the above mentioned Native Instrument controllers.

Native Instruments Kontrol F1


Native Instruments Kontrol D2


Native Instruments Kontrol S8