Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer - Review & Price Drop


Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer is without a doubt, one of the most prestigious DJ mixers available right now. The build quality and the sound that it produces is second to none and would easily make its way into any recording studio, let alone top nightclub. You can also see why its now the 'top of the list' of most DJ's riders, for those who can command one.


But why? Well first of all, its a Rane. The name itself speaks volumes, as its not often that you have a brand that is in the forefront of its field for so long; 34 years to be exact, but has such a strong following also. The MP2015 mixer in itself is based on Rudy Bozak’s CMA-10-2DL, a string of Urei models and of course Rane's very own MP2016/XP2016 combo, so inspiration has came from an elite calibre too.


I think that anyone that has been luckily enough to either use or own one of these will tell you, as soon as you touch or play with these, whatever mixing style you previously have, WILL change. Its as if you feel obliged to string out the mixes for as long as possible, using the precise EQ's and synonymous filters that this machine has. Your mixing WILL flow and you'll take yourself on a journey, hearing parts of the track that you never have heard before. This may seem a little far fetched, but you do feel yourself submerging into this unit, you feel it and it feels you.

I could go on and on about the specifics of this also.... (That'll no doubt follow in the coming days) but until you've experienced the unit, I don't feel that you could ever fully understand how good it is.

With all that being said, here are 5 reasons I think everyone should experience the Rane MP2015....

1 - The Isolator EQ. The main mix has a strong 3 band +10 dB per octave to full-cut 24dB with fully adjustable crossover points, meaning the filters are simply ridiculous (a good ridiculous)!


2 - Submix. This unique feature allows you to group any number of inputs for simple multi-source mixing. You can also use this feature to be used as a 5th input by activating the SUB on the session-in.


3 - The Feel - Ive used Urei mixers before and yes that magnetised, heavy feel does carry some weight and quality behind it, but the MP2015 gives you more of a feel that gives you extra control. Quick cuts are simple and shaking the EQ as you mix are simply a fun pleasure.


4 - The Look. Come on, you've got to admit it... If you seen this in any booth you know that whoever is responsible for it being there, knows there stuff. The look gives you bragging rights - Simple.


5 - Its Rane. You know what you're buying when you buy a Rane. You know that its been meticulously checked by our friends in Mukilteo (pronounced MUCK-ill-Tee-oh and it is an Indian word meaning 'good camping ground') and by someone that has Rane running through their veins. Do you hear of many people with bad words about their products? Do their knobs drop off within weeks or do those scratch masters that use their other mixers, say that they've had a cross-fader fly off and blind a judge in a competition (I hope that has never happened by the way)?


There you go, a quick insight of the Rane MP2015.

If you do want to look at it in more detail, head over to our site DJTECHDIRECT or come into the store and have a play yourself.