Native Instruments Traktor S5

Native Instruments Traktor S5


This amazing release from Native Instruments provides you with many new opportunities when producing and DJ’ing. With 4 versatile channels and a compact design, the convenience of the S5 allows you to enjoy its capabilities both at home and on-the-move. Touch sensitive knobs instantly activate high res displays ensuring all features are easily accessible in the mix. This touch and see workflow also switches automatically to whatever you’re playing, whether that be a Stem file, WAV or Remix - the S5 really provides you with that goods.

With 16 color-coded pads for triggering samples, cue points, and slices, you can easily put your stamp on a set or remix. Along with this, the S5 includes 2 customisable FX units plus 30 studio quality effects to get the most out your favourites tracks.

The Traktor Pro 2 software that comes with the S5 allow you to creatively access your music that much easier. Key features include advanced track management, sync and a software mixer, giving you everything you really need. Another part of Traktor Pro 2 that we’re really excited about are Stem files. These completely alter the way we can give a live performance by allowing you to play a particular element of a tune. The multi-channel audio format lets you choose between drums, bass, vocals and melody to mix in ways you couldn't before. At £569 why not give this unique pro DJ controller a go!


We have one on demo in store, so feel free to come and have a play, or purchase yours from here