Pioneer's New HDJ-S7 Headphones

Pioneer's HDJ-S7s: All New Comfort & Flexibility

High-quality audio output combined with exceptional comfort. Advanced durability with a smaller on-ear design for compact storage and lightweight carry - perfect for DJs on the move. Despite a radical size reduction from Pioneer's flagship HDJ-X10s, the HDJ-S7s still capture the same hi-resolution sound without compromise. hdj-s7-k-main

Made for DJs

With a high definition 40-mm driver, the Pioneer HDJ-S7 headphones deliver an impressive 5kHz to 40kHz sound. Made for DJ monitoring, you'll pick up on greater separation of rich bass tones and clear mid-to-high frequencies. The new lightweight design ensures comfort no matter how you prefer to wear them. With flexible swivel and enhanced grip, they’re adjustable to suit any monitoring style both in and out of the booth. hdj-s7-k-incase

Field-Tested & Internationally Endorsed

The HDJ-S7 model headphones are a collaboration of Pioneer knowledge and input from the most respected international DJs - Radio 1's B. Traits and Scottish legend Jackmaster among them. Improved technology, design and built to last; rigorously field-tested to withstand the weathering of both travel and time.