Numark N-Wave 360: Bring the club to your bedroom
Numark N-Wave 360 speakers may appear pretty standard on first glance but look deeper and you will find an intriguingly high-calibre yet accessible design. This model really enhances the bedroom DJ’s set up. While this design may not be the flashiest or most expensive pair of speakers we stock that are currently on the market, we wanted to take a closer look at the model in this blog, considering that bedroom speakers are integral to the fledgeling DJ’s musical journey. numark-nwave-360-speakers

Amp up your bedroom

Firstly, the N-Wave 360 cements Numark’s move into creating an affordable bedroom DJ set up that allows users to upgrade from standard computer speakers. While this may not sound particularly revolutionary, we really like how Numark have made the effort to cater to newcomers to the DJ world. Cast your mind back to your early DJ days and imagine how amped you would feel to update your bog standard computer speakers for a pair of industry specific, expertly crafted DJ speakers. Pretty hyped we can imagine which is why we really like the N-Wave 360. So what’s on offer? Let’s take a closer look at the inner workings of Numark’s N-Wave 360 to see what it can do. The N-Wave 360 system is comprised of two matching speaker cabinets. Delve inside the cabinet and you will find a one-inch silk dome tweeter combined with a three-inch woofer linked via a precision crossover circuit. The in-built amplification system delivers up to 60 watts when at peak power, which is pretty powerful considering this model is designed to be used by the bedroom DJ.

Magnetic Appeal

A feature that we love, and that will enhance the user’s experience, has to be the model’s magnetic shield. This is a nifty feature that makes the model ideal for compact set-ups and those with limited space, as the speakers will not interfere with other electronics such as computers. It also offers handy protection when used near a video monitor. This makes the N-Wave 360 super-useful for bedroom DJs whose rooms are stuffed with kit. Small yes, but not insignificant, we also like how the volume control is on the front of the cabinet for convenience, unlike pro DJ speakers that tend to have the volume knobs at the back. numark-nwave-360-speakers-connections

Construction and Power

Let’s take a look at the construction and how these sleek little speakers are powered. Firstly the amplification for both speakers is based in one unit. As a result, only one speaker requires a power connection, which again is a nod to those with limited space. You simply connect the second speaker via a speaker cable which comes included with the setup. The N-Wave 360 is crafted from high-density materials which increase the efficiency of the units, while a bass port enhances the low-end response. Added to this, concave oval waveguides widen the listening area of the unit, as well as that fabled ‘sweet spot’ where the listener can enjoy accurate imaging and fatigue-free listening. This level of attention to detail in such an affordable model speaks volumes about Numark’s dedication to bring high-calibre features to the bedroom DJ. numark-nwave-360-light Let’s be clear, the Numark N-Wave 360 speaker system is not designed to be a replacement for a full power or production monitors. Rather, these speakers make a great upgrade for newcomers to the DJ world who want to expand their sound and have realised that they have outgrown their computer speakers. Thanks to their accessible price, we think the N-Wave 360 will appeal to a whole new generation of bedroom DJs to help them on the next stage of their DJ journey.