Roland TT-99 Turntable: Blast from the past
Roland TT-99 Turntable sees the old collide with the new in a thrilling fashion. The model is a three-speed direct drive turntable. So far, so predictable. What gives it that je ne sais quoi? Well, it is aesthetically based on the iconic TR909 drum machine. The Roland TT-99 turntable makes a great looking combination with the Roland DJ-99 Scratch mixer that similarly pays homage to its much-loved predecessor. roland-909-featured image

Taking it back to the 80s

The Roland TT-99 is instantly recognisable as it based on the beloved T909 drum machine, a model that has served some of the biggest artists from the 80s to the noughties, from Frankie Knuckles to The Prodigy to Kanye West. Playing the new TT-99 turntable probably won’t make you sound like these legends, but you can look at its fantastically retro aesthetic and pretend that you are one of them. Its retro-inspired look is completed by the inclusion of a 909 Celebration slipmat.

Reliable Features

The Roland TT-99 is more than just a good looking machine. It also offers a host of reliable features that make this a great entry-level turntable, an ideal model for budding turntablists. Let’s take an overview of the features on offer. The model incorporates a direct drive motor that provides a brilliantly reliable and stable performance, so you can be sure that the model won’t die on you when you’re lost in your turntabling game. Even the most demanding turntablist will be pleased by its sturdy, powerhouse performance. roland-909-side For such an accessibly priced model, it is refreshing to see that the playback of vinyl playback has not been compromised. On the contrary, vinyl music enthusiasts will love the rich sound quality showcased by this model thanks to its built-in phono equaliser. We really like how the model retains the wonderfully warm, rich and nostalgic analogue sound while simultaneously showcasing an intricately detailed, modern sound. The model includes a fun ‘S’ shaped tone arm, +/- 10& pitch control and fader control. It also comes with an adaptor so you can whip out your seven-inch singles. All of these features are not revolutionary, but they are reliable and easy-to-use, which is all you want from an entry level model. Its reliability is furthered by its stable torque and brushless DC motor. Features like this offer exactly what the everyday DJ needs to get the job done efficiently and with a seamless performance. roland-909-top If you are looking for an everyday turntable that won’t break the bank, you cannot go far wrong with the Roland TT-99. It is reliable, hardworking and offers features that you need to get into turntabling. The model is truly enhanced by its retro style, that places within the rich heritage of Roland’s turntables and drum machines. There is no better way to celebrate the T909 than by looking further at this model.