Numark Scratch Mixer

Numark enter Battle

With products in the controller, club DJ and production categories, it was only a matter of time until Numark ventured into the the world of the Scratch Battle. Numark's moment is finally here with the all-new Scratch 2-Channel Battle Mixer, Serato DJ ready. Numark Scratch Mixer

A New Mixer on the Battleground

The Numark Scratch is a 2-Channel battle mixer for use at the heart of your Serato Pro DVS setup. The scratch is used as a standalone mixer with the included analog phono inputs eg. with a pair of turntables, or with Serato Pro to access the heaps of control features tethered to the software itself. All the battle essentials are present: Innofader crossfader and channel vertical faders, tactile performance pads and pre-mapped trigger FX.

Perform with Confidence

As with any battle mixer, the faders are easily one of the most important features. The Numark Scratch shows it’s aware of this fact with the ever accurate Innofader and all-metal design. You can also engage reverse function and mod slope curve of the X-fader with the simple flick of a switch. For those looking to calibrate or replace parts around the fader area, Numark have added efficient access to the internal workings via an easy-to-remove plate at the underside of the mixer.

Push the Pads

Like all good scratch DJs know, flair is found in the performance pads. The rubber pads are built to be responsive and take a hit, perfect for latency free play. Supporting Hot Cues, Sample Play, Loop Rolls and more, there’s more than enough to keep you satisfied with the Numark Scratch. Feel free to integrate additional hardware into the existing setup if you are looking for that little bit extra. Aesthetically speaking, the Scratch is a delight to look it. The black and red colour scheme of the pads will be a welcome addition to the stage and home studio setup.

Feel the FX

Add additional colour to your tricks and transitions with the Numark Scratch’s Serato Pro integrated FX. Unlike its more expensive counterparts, the FX are not hardware embedded, instead reserved for triggering within the software itself. This opens up some considerable scope of choice, pre-mapped to utilise Echo, Delay, Phaser, Version Echo, Reverb and Flanger. Alongside the post-fader feature on each FX, there’s also wet & dry control to allow further sculpting of your desired sounds. Finally, each channel has its own dedicated hi/low pass filter controlled via a hard-to-miss industrial sized turn dial.

Pro Standard at a Fraction of the Cost

There is compromise on build quality and functionality, but Numark have kept the price below that of their competitors. Now budding scratch DJs can practice too on pro standard kit at a third of the price of the current industry contenders. Even coupled with Numark’s NTX1000 decks, the whole package is cheaper than both the RANE and Pioneer battle mixers on their own. Numark have hit a new price point, which will surely breathe some fresh air into the battle mixer marketplace - opening things up to thosen trying something new or those on a smaller budget. Numark Scratch Connections Head over to our website to find out more or pop in store for a demo.