Toraiz Squid

Toraiz SQUID : Changing the Course of Sequencing

The Toraiz SQUID is Pioneer’s latest venture in the music production range. With a grip firmly on the DJ performance handle, Pioneer's reach is extending further still to incorporate the studio boffins out there.

The SQUID is a 16-track hardware sequencer designed to control all your synths, samplers, drum machines and more, but there is a twist. For the first time ever, the SQUID lets you chop, change and reorganise the direction of sequence, bringing a new improvisational creative spin on a classic format.

Pioneer Toraiz Squid

For the Studio and the Stage

By controlling up to 16 pieces of hardware - such as MIDI instruments, vintage drum machines and even modular synths - the SQUID gives you greater control over your home studio setup.

The control hub on the sequencer stems from a bank of 16 tactile pads enabling you to swap between different modes. The unit lets you step-record loops, design chords, and add unique expressions to workflow.

The SQUID has live application in mind. You can use harmoniser when creating complex phrases or use groove bend, a spring-loaded crossfader that allows the user to nudge the timing of the track.

Pioneer Toraiz SQUID Sequencer

But There's More...

With so much to discover, the SQUID can quickly become a producer's best friend. Pioneer's new sequencer lets you use the Time Warp button to try out new phrases without losing previous work.

There is also a Speed Modulation section on the interface that modifies grooves by fluctuating and distorting playback speed.

On the back of the unit, various input and output connections make slotting into existing setups a breeze. These connections include USB, MIDI In, Out and Thru, two sets of CV and Gate outputs, Clock In and Out, and two DIN sync ports.

The SQUID’s workflow style parallels that of familiar DAW interfaces. Software is included with the SQUID for managing and importing sequence patterns and MIDI clips, so you can import your tracks to your preferred DAW with ease.

A Change in Direction

Perhaps the SQUID’s most defining feature comes via its incredible 48 running directions for any given sequence. As well as the expected forward and reverse options, there’s zig-zag, clockwise, counter-clockwise, and random. Each of the SQUID's first-time features also come with the ability to run start to finish, repeat, or forwards and then backwards.

Built with a New Generation in Mind

The SQUID is “the heartbeat of your studio and live setup, combining sequencing and composition in a fresh, innovative hardware design.

With the rise in live sets and performances, the device is a bold move from Pioneer to capitalise on the emergent trend. It is a workflow lynchpin and welcome staple to any producers rig.

Where other sequencers fall short of the mark, the SQUID stands head and shoulders above. This product is more versatile than any existing sequencing device on the market.

A wealth of connectivity and sequencing options on this unit give you all the tools to explore previously unexplored ground - track building and live improvisation made easy!

Head over to the website for specs, price and how to order. Also out on demo in our store.