Numark NVII: Serato midi controller with screens
Numark NVII allows you to lose yourself in your music, not your computer screen, which offers a fully immersive music creation experience. Numark claims that its addition of two screens to a midi controller is revolutionary; indeed, it is only controller available today with two built-in screens. This is however quite the claim. Is it worth the hefty price point for the inclusion of screens alone? Let’s take a closer look. Numark-NVII

NV Mark Two?

The NVII subtly updates the original NV controller with new and improved screen browsing. The easy functionality of the screen really shines through, allowing you to seamlessly scroll through your music collection. Added to this, we really like how the jog wheels are now touch capacitive. This is a cerebral little feature that fully personalises the wheel to your own style, as it remembers the user’s typical speed and pressure. As every user has a different style of play, this feature moulds the design to your own rhythms, which really adds a personal touch. Aesthetically there is no dramatic difference between the NVII and its predecessor; however, gridlines have been added to the waveforms on the display to make visualisation of the music easier and more evocative. Overall, it has to be noted that NVII does improve the original NV. Let’s take a closer look at the features on offer to examine whether it is worth updating your midi controller to the NVII.

The Screen

The addition of two 4.3 inch full-colour screens is undoubtedly the biggest draw of the NVII. Its vibrant display enhances the fun aesthetic of the model. The screens offer all the information you need, so you can quit staring at your computer and fully immerse yourself in the model and the music. The screens display five columns to sort your music according to song, artist, time, bpm and key.
The screen The screen


Touch-capacitive knobs really allow you to feel the nuanced textures of your music, indeed once you have used them it is difficult to imagine using less subtle and precise EQ, FX and filter knobs. A gentle tap or a light twist has the ability to create a rich sonic landscape, much like the subtle strokes of a paint brush. The five-inch touch-activated platters are also enhanced with an adaptive quality which makes them an extension of your personality and style. We really enjoyed these tactile features as they bring an instinctive and organic quality to the mixing process.

Four Deck Freedom

The NVII offers four decks which, combined with the screen, allows you complete freedom to create the mix you have always wanted to realise. You can monitor and watch your performance on both screens by switching views, alongside having the control to switch from decks 1 to 4 with one easy click. This makes off-the-cuff mashups and performances effortlessly easy, indeed you can rock up and whip out a performance without the hassle of loading up your laptop. Numark-NVII-detail

Great For Gigging

Due to its super-useful integrated screen, the NVII great for gigging with its standalone design. No more lugging around your laptop is a great addition to the touring experience. The NV II offers ultra-connectivity so fits in any environment with its road-ready XLR outputs. You also have Booth/Master RCA outputs to monitor your performance with N-Wave 580L speakers, along with a ¼ “ microphone output. While cueing up your music, you have the flexibility of using the ¼” input or the 1/8” input for your headphones. Play all of your music connected via USB with the latest Serato DJ software. Numark-NVII-angle It has to be said that the NV11 is not a dramatic update on the original NV model, the biggest improvement is the inclusion of two screens and tactile technology. For current users of the Numark NV, its successor may not offer enough to attract them to the new model, unless they are won over by the screens and promise of a more immersive experience. The NVII is undoubtedly a great option for new buyers. Once this model has time to establish itself in the DJ community, it will be difficult to imagine using a midi controller with a computer screen blazing front of you.