Being a DJ can often mean obsessing with the newest gear. Sometimes its never enough as the likes of Pioneer, Denon and Rane are constantly updating their range of products. Also as time moves on, technology often moves with it so is it okay to be using older gear still? Are there any drawbacks or limitations on the older kit? Well today we will be looking at a few golden oldies that are still great pieces of kit today. These are a few gems that you can still pick up, maybe not brand new, but definitely can get a bargain for a used item. xdj-r1

Pioneer XDJ-R1

So the XDJ-R1 fills a gap that not many others fill right now. Try finding a standalone DJ controller that can load USB's and also can handle CD's and you will definitely struggle. Especially with Pioneers current offerings of the XZ and the XDJ-1000, Pioneer seem to moving away from CD's. However the Pioneer XDJ-R1 is a relatively compact standalone unit considering whats packed in. A huge bonus is that it also can read your Rekordbox playlists! You can also plug in an external analogue audio source. For any DJ's who don't feel like moving away from CD's but want the benefits of being able to load a USB in too, this is a great buy. maschine mikro mk2

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2

So Native Instruments have not been playing about since introducing the Maschine range of products. The MK3 is heavily redesigned and has a heap of useful new features. However you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get your hands on Maschine hardware that is fully supported still. The Maschine Mikro MK2 is discontinued now however still pops up online on ebay or gumtree. You can get your hands on one of these for a fraction of the price of a full Maschine MK3. The MK2 is stillo a huge upgrade in terms of improving your workflow and will speed up the creative process. The Mikro MK2 is still fully supported by Native and anything that works on a MK3 will most likely work on the MK2 minus some of the new shortcut keys and buttons you will find on the latest version. ddj-sr

Pioneer DDJ-SR

When you start to DJ you can get a good beginner setup for roughly £250 however when you want to move up the price jump is pretty hefty. The next Pioneer controller up from a DDJ-400 or equivalent is upwards of £600. So opting for a DDJ-SR which you can pick up around £400-£500 is a good shout. Its a really top quality mid level controller however due to a newer version being released has gone down in price. If you don't use features like needle search or don't use additional decks then the SR is more than enough without having to upgrade to the SR2 ttm57

Rane TTM57 Serato Mixer

Rane are known for making some great mixers. They combine modern technology with a smart layout. All Rane mixers are really easy to get used to and makes your work flow much smoother. The TTM57, along with great performance pads, comes with Dual USB input so you can plug into more than one laptop or for seemless changeover between DJ's. The mixer is customised for Serato. It has buttons and knobs to control the Serato Library, the autoloop and loop roll feature as well as Serato DJ FX. adm5

Reloop ADM5 Monitors

A good set of monitors can often set you back about £300 however if you don't feel like spending that much but still want a good sound with some nice detail then the Reloop ADM5 Monitors are an absolute bargain at around £170 for the pair! These 30Watt speaker pack a punch and give a well rounded sound. Obviously you won't get the same level of quality as other brands such as KRK and Yamaha however you are also paying a fraction of the price. We have a great selection of used, new and Ex-demo products on our ebay page! Go check it out and grab yourself a bargain now.