Pioneer Audio Interface 2
Pioneer Audio Interface 2 is a great way to incorporate vinyl into your digital DJ setup with full Rekordbox integration. In the world of Pro DJ Kit, names don't get much bigger than Pioneer; the Pioneer Audio Interface 2 is a high quality, easy and affordable way to integrate your vinyl or CDj decks into your digital setup. Let's take a look at all the great features, the Pioneer Audio Interface 2 can offer the modern Digital DJ. Pioneer Audio Interface 2 setup

Pioneer Audio Interface 2 lets you use your decks as controllers

Nothing beats the feel of a vinyl record under your finger-tips; the physical feedback from a pair of turntables is still (arguably) to be bettered, especially for scratching and turntable tricks. Wouldn't it great to be able to leave all that heavy, valuable vinyl at home though? With the Pioneer Audio Interface 2, Pioneer allows you to use your turntables, or CD-J decks, as real-time controllers. Perfect integration to their much loved Rekordbox DJ Software is achieved thanks to a special pair of timecoded 12" vinyl records (or a pair of CD's you can burn with Pioneer's time code signal), coupled to the Pioneer Audio Interface 2.

Hugely Versatile

The Pioneer Audio Interface 2 is a massively versatile tool for any DJ using a combination of vinyl and computer-based digital playback. The interface itself serves multiple duty, both as a sound card for "ripping" vinyl and as an interface for those using their decks as controllers for Rekordbox. Taking a look at the Pioneer Audio Interface 2, shows it to be a well built, sturdy yet portable interface. There's a pleasing lack of cheap, flimsy plastics, with the casing made from aluminium. Extended edges protect the inputs and outputs from the knocks and bumps which happen, live. Pioneer Audio Interface 2 Beauty is more than skin deep, with high-quality audio components and specifications inherited from Pioneer's professional DJ gear. 24 bit, 96kHz audio conversion guarantees professional levels of playback and recording quality

Easy operation

The Pioneer Audio Interface 2 integrates easily into your existing DJ setup; simply place the interface "between" your decks and mixer, and plug the interface via USB cable to your laptop. The Interface is USB bus powered, although the option is provided for external power. LED signal indicators on the inputs and outputs give an easy visual indication of signal flow; a lifesaver when plugging up your rig in a hurry under the dark lights of a club. All connection cables are included, meaning you can get going, straight out of the box. Pioneer-DJ-rekordbox-DVS-interface-2-connection Use the Pioneer Audio Interface 2 to record and capture your prized slabs of vinyl, in high-quality sound. The Pioneer audio software is able to automatically optimise levels with a single click, taking the guesswork out of making perfect transfers from vinyl.

Rekordbox included!

Included with the Pioneer Audio Interface 2, are two license keys for Pioneer's excellent, and "Industry Standard" Rekordbox DJ software. Rekordbox allows any Digital DJ to create superb performances, with powerful access to your audio, graphics and video files. Featuring the lowest latency in the business, Pioneer's Rekordbox gives access to more than just your music. Your entire set, complete with cues and tags, can be shared across platforms and devices. pioneer-dj-interface-2-audio-interface-with-rekordbox-dj-and-dvs-6b5 Rekordbox integrates seamlessly with Pioneer DJ equipment, either at home or in the booth. With Pioneer decks, controllers and mixers being in most clubs and DJ booths, the world over, you're assured a seamless move from one place to the next. A raft of advanced performance features including sampling, multiple cue points, hot cues and various FX combine to make Pioneer's Rekordbox software one of the most powerful in the industry. As a package then, the Pioneer Audio Interface 2, with Rekordbox software is a superb value and outstandingly well-featured combination. Ideal for performance DJ's wishing to integrate their existing vinyl or CD decks with cutting-edge digital playback and performance features.