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Pioneer DDJ-1000 professional performance DJ controller is Pioneer's answer to a high-end DJ controller with the feel and quality of traditional hardware. Pioneer: A leader and innovator in DJ equipment for decades. From their original CDJ decks, which brought CD's into the mix booth, through to their industry standard DJM mixer series, and now Rekordbox software. Pioneer is endlessly innovative in creating professional products for professional DJ's Bridging the gap between hardware and software, comes Pioneer's amazing DDJ-1000 performance DJ Controller... Pioneer DDJ-1000

Hardware & Software as One

Pioneer's Rekordbox software has quickly established itself as something of an industry standard for professional DJ's. Featuring powerful search tools and analytical algorithms, Rekordbox has allowed DJ's new ways to manage their tracks, and creative tools for putting together the perfect set. Designed from the outset to integrate between the worlds of Laptop DJ'ing and hardware, it was only natural that Pioneer would launch a hardware controller/interface which integrates perfectly with Rekordbox. The Pioneer DDJ-1000 is that controller. The new flagship in Pioneer's DJ Controller range, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 has been completely redesigned to mirror Rekordbox's layout. It will also be immediately familiar to anyone who's used Pioneer's NXS2 models, forming an excellent "bridge" between the worlds of software and hardware.

Pioneer DDj-1000 Designed for the DJ Booth

The first thing which catches your eye is the amazing jog wheels; each jog wheel has a full-colour LCD display positioned in the middle of each wheel, which is customisable with a range of information. The Jog wheel display can be customised to show only the information you need. Each jog wheel display can be configured to show BPM, waveform, playback position, Hot Cue, Loop points etc. This gives a more "hardware" feel and allows you to keeps your eyes on the decks rather than a laptop screen if you so wish. Neat! The jog wheels themselves are inherited from the CDJ and NXS2 series decks, so will feel immediately familiar. Pioneer DDJ-100 Jog Display After the jog wheels, you'll find you'll have your hands on the faders more than anything else; that's why they need to be built to withstand the demands of DJ'ing, night after night. Pioneer has equipped the DDJ-1000 with their durable Magvel faders, which are designed to withstand more than 10 million movements! Whilst we're talking about faders, it's worth mentioning the mixer section. As well as functioning as a brilliant hardware controller, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 also doubles as a four channel hardware mixer. Four line inputs, as well as two phono inputs, cement the DDJ-1000's ability to act as a crossover between hardware and software.

Great Performance Features

Just like the DJM series of mixers, the DDJ-1000 incorporates great performance effects. Four new Beat FX (Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle and Low Cut Echo) are loaded, alongside 10 of the most popular Beat FX from the DJM-series mixers. There's also four Sound Color FX from the DJM-series mixers - Pitch, Filter, Dub Echo and Noise. You can't but help notice the 16, back-lit rubber Performance Pads, which are arranged 8 per side. Use these performance pads to trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Keyboard Mode, Beat Loop and Key Shift at a touch. Kiss goodbye to having to use a mouse or keyboard commands live, and rock your set like a pro! Pioneer DDJ-1000 Of course, a controller like this would be useless, if you couldn't integrate easily with both your computer and your house PA system. The Pioneer DDJ-1000 connects easily to your computer via one of two USB ports and also makes it easy to connect to the house PA system. A pair of master outputs on both professional balanced XLR connections, as well as RCA connections, are provided. There's also a dedicated booth monitor output on balanced 1/4" jack, as well a headphone cue output with both 1/4" and 3.5mm sockets. For those looking for the perfect DJ controller which gives the feel of pro hardware, as well as the power and convenience of digital DJ'ing, then the Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller is well worth a close look.