Pioneer HDJ-X10
Pioneer HDJ-X10 DJ Headphones go lower than any other DJ headphones and are designed to military standards of shock absorption. Yep, you read that right, these are weapons-grade headphones designed to withstand gig after gig, even in the most demanding of conditions. On top of that, Pioneer claims that these new flagship headphones reproduce frequencies lower than any DJ headphone ever made. Pioneer know a thing or two about quality DJ gear, so let's see what's what... Pioneer HDJ-X10-K

Pioneer HDJ-X10

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones sit at the top of Pioneer's range of professional DJ headphones and were designed with input from professional DJs. Pioneer's goal with the HDJ-X10 it seems was to produce a pair of headphones which were (almost literally) bulletproof. So, what are the headline features? There are two standout aspects of the Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones that Pioneer are drawing attention to. Firstly, their massive, wide frequency bandwidth. Secondly, the extremely rugged design which should ensure these headphones withstand set after set. A decent pair of headphones is less a luxury and more of a necessity for anyone serious about their craft as a DJ. From club to club, the only consistent element is often a DJ's headphones. A good pair of cans can make a huge difference in being able to cue and EQ tracks properly. If you're serious about DJ'ing, then investing in a professional pair of headphones is always a great place to put your money. With a respected brand such as Pioneer, you can be assured of a quality product with decades of engineering know-how behind it. Pioneer HDJ-X10

High-Quality Audio Design

As previously mentioned, Pioneer is placing a great deal of emphasis on the stand-out audio specification of the Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones. Pioneer state a frequency bandwidth (that's the range of frequencies reproduced) of 5hz to 40kHz. What do those number really mean though? Well, if a normal pair of headphones reproduces low frequencies down to 20Hz, then a pair of headphones that goes down to 5Hz is like having a pair of bass-bins strapped to your head. We're talking sub-sonic frequencies here; just the stuff you want to feel when cueing a kick-drum up in your cans. In the same way, most headphones will reproduce up to about 20kHz, right where all the cymbal crashes and Hi-Hats live. The Pioneer HDJ-X10 extend all the way up to an incredible 40kHz! In practice, this will mean that the sound is open, airy and defined; just what you need when listening to a Hi-Hat pattern. Pioneer has managed to achieve these amazing specs by using a 50mm direct drive structure, with a newly developed diaphragm shape and voice coil, reducing mechanical loss. They've also incorporated features such as an independent ground wire in the 4-core twisted-structure, which claim Pioneer, gives superior left and right channel separation, improving sound quality. Pioneer has utilised a bass reflex design for the Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones, equipping them with a bass reflex chamber in the upper housing. This contributes to that amazing low-frequency response and the sound insulation which is essential when cueing tracks up in a loud DJ booth. Pioneer HDJ-X10 driver

Built Comfy & Built to Last

Even the best looked after pair of headphones (and let's be honest, how many of us just chuck our cans in a bag at the end of the night?), takes a battering whilst in the DJ Booth. Pioneer knows this, and has tested the Pioneer HDJ-X10 to extremes such as the US Military Standard Shock test, which it cleared with flying colours! The Pioneer HDJ-X10 feature a rugged and clever construction, consisting of durable metals for all moving parts, along with the first use of nano-coatings in a DJ headphone. The polyurethane leather ear pads and headband cushion on the HDJ-X10 headphones are coated in this special nano coating. This makes them resistant to deterioration and allows you to easily wipe off the sweat and dirt which can accumulate over many hot and heavy nights in the booth. If you're looking for a high-end pair of DJ headphones, which are built to last and sound amazing, then the Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones deserve to be at the top of your list.