Korg Prologue
Korg Prologue polyphonic synthesiser is an analogue polyphonic powerhouse which allows you to create sounds of the past present and future. Korg: One of THE big names in the music technology world, and originators of some of the all-time classic synthesisers and keyboards. Korg's newly released Prologue polyphonic analogue synthesiser has taken the synthesiser world by storm. Never has a polyphonic analogue synthesiser offered this much at this price point. Let's check out in more detail the amazing specs and sound of this analogue monster synth! Korg Prologue 16

Korg - Synthesiser Royalty

There are a number of brand names, in the world of synthesisers, which immediately get any synth-head hot and steamy under the collar; amongst them are Korg, a long-established Japanese giant in the world of synthesisers and music technology. Korg's "back catalogue" of synthesisers and keyboards is legendary: From the aggressive MS-20 monosynth, the classic M1 workstation (responsible for all those piano house tracks), the pioneering Prophecy, and monster workstations such as the Triton and Trinity, Korg have made some of the all-time greats. In the past few years, Korg has been at the forefront of the "Analogue Revival"; designing and creating synthesisers and instruments which rely on the highly desirable and authentic sound of true analogue circuitry, rather than digital modelling and emulation. Korg Prologue16 Korg's miniature range of Volca modules kicked things off, followed by the launch of the Minilogue and Monologue analogue synthesisers. For the first time in literally decades, true analogue synthesisers were affordable and accessible, taking the synthesiser world by storm. Now, building upon that success, comes Korg's mighty Prologue polysynth; taking the very best of the Minilogue synthesiser and hot-rodding it into one of the most exciting synthesisers to be released in years. If you're into electronic music production, this is one synthesiser you need to check out...

Korg Prologue - Advanced Synthesis

The Korg Prologue uses a unique and advanced architecture comprising of 2 analogue VCOs, one digital "Multi-Engine" oscillator, an analogue VCF, 2 envelope generators, 1 VCA, and 1LFO. The oscillators, in particular, are very interesting... Sawtooth, triangle and square waveforms are offered by both of the analogue VCO's, which offer the warmth and character only a true analogue synth can provide. The unique Multi-Engine oscillator provides new and unique waveform flavours, however. Essentially a digital oscillator, the Multi-Engine offers a multi-mode noise generator, a VPM/FM oscillator for metallic FM type sounds, plus the option to load in up to 16 user created waveforms for unique sounds of your own. Korg Prologue oscillators The Korg Prologue is a Bi-Timbral synthesiser, allowing you to split the 8 or 16 voices (depending on whether you have the Prologue 8 or Prologue 16) between two different programmes, which can be played simultaneously. Korg has also included some clever voice modes: POLY mode lets you play chords with up to 16 or 8-note polyphony. MONO mode is great for bass or lead sounds. UNISON stacks all voices together for huge sounds. CHORD lets you play chords with one finger.

Korg Prologue - Polyphonic Powerhouse

When you consider the power of the analogue and multi-mode oscillators, coupled to the unique sound of analogue filters and envelopes, it's clear the Korg Prologue is in something of a league of its own (especially at this price point). Throw in the additional, programmable arpeggiator, digital effects engine and analogue comp/booster (on the Prologue 16) and you have an incredibly powerful, polyphonic powerhouse of a synthesiser. If you're looking for a quality instrument, with amazing sound design potential, from one of the biggest names in the industry, then the Korg Prologue synthesiser is well worth checking out.