KRK V Series 4 speakers should be on your shortlist
KRK V Series 4 monitor speakers deliver accurate monitoring in even the most demanding production and listening environments. KRK: Arguably the market leaders when it comes to affordable, active monitor speakers. KRK's distinctive yellow speaker cones can be seen in studios across the world. Sitting towards the top of KRK's range is the V Series, a monitor speaker for those who really demand accuracy and transparency. Let's check out the full range of KRK V Series 4 monitor speakers... KRK V SERIES 4

KRK V Series 4 Monitor Speakers

KRK V Series 4 near-field monitors were specifically designed by KRK's engineers for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is critical. KRK spoke to many of the top producers and engineers in the world to find out exactly what they wanted in a professional monitor speaker. The result is the KRK V Series 4, an active monitor speaker which makes use of some of KRK's most advanced technologies. The KRK V Series 4 includes 49 user selectable EQ settings, which help to make sure the monitors sound their best in any room. KRK's engineers spent a huge amount of time modelling and analyzing hundreds of monitor placement and room acoustic situations. The result, for you, is that you'll get a super-accurate sound in any room, with minimal effort. All models in the KRK V Series 4 range benefit from the signature yellow woven kevlar speaker cones for added stiffness; this helps resist "cone breakup" and lowers distortion. Additionally, all models in the range offer XLR/Jack connections and KRK's carefully designed bass-reflex enclosure. There are three models making up the KRK V Series 4 range, which offer different sizes, specifications and power to suit a range of spaces and budgets...


The KRK V4 S4 is the smallest and most compact speaker in the KRK V Series 4 range. It's ideal for smaller rooms, or desktop monitoring, where space is at a premium. Small though it may be, it still offers the same clarity of its bigger brothers. The KRK V4 utilises a 4" cast aluminium frame woofer, coupled to a 1" kevlar dome tweeter. Small though it may be, it packs a punch, thanks to 85 watts of bi-amplified power; 55 watts for the low-frequency woofer and 30 watts for the tweeter. KRK V4


The KRK V6 S4 is the mid-range speaker in the KRK V Series 4 lineup, sitting between the KRK V4 S4 and the KRK S4 V8. The KRK V6 S4 marks a noticeable step up from the super-compact V4 speaker, with bigger speaker drivers and more power. The 1" kevlar dome tweeter from the V4 is carried over, but now a 6.5" cast frame woofer replaces the smaller 4" version, with power handling and frequency response noticeably improved as a result. With a frequency response of 40Hz to 24kHz and a total power rating of 155 watts per speaker (125 watts LF, 30 watts HF) these are monitor speakers which really deliver. KRK V6


The KRK V8 S4 is the flagship speaker in the KRK V Series S4 lineup; a large 8" woofer (again featuring a cast aluminium frame) coupled to a massive 230 watt (200 watts LF 30 watts HF) bi-amplification system, makes these the kind of the KRK V Series S4 range. Capable of a frequency range from 29Hz to 24kHz, the KRK V8 S4's will reproduce everything from really deep lows up to sparkling, extended highs with extreme accuracy. If you're looking to invest in a really top-quality pair of monitor speakers, the KRK V8 S4's deserve a close look. KRK V8