Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Controller provides an entry-level choice for DJ's looking for all the features and functionality of professional level controllers and decks. Pioneer's new DDJ-SB3 controller combines all the popular features of their DDJ-SB2 along with Serato DJ integration. An ideal tool for beginners looking to hone their skills, the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is a great way to get into pro-level DJ'ing and Serato software on a budget. Let's see what's "under the hood" of the Pioneer DDJ-SB3... Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Pioneer DDJ-SB3: Pro Look - Pro Functionality

The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is a great way to get into digital DJ'ing and a great tool on which to practice your craft. It's also much more than just a toy, meaning you can practice your craft at home, and then take it out to DJ at clubs; you'll be safe in the knowledge you have one of the industry's biggest names, Pioneer, behind your gear. Pioneer is behind some of the most famous gear in the business, with their Nexus range of decks and mixers an "industry standard" in clubs around the world. The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 uses the same basic layout and feel as Pioneer's pro equipment, and serves as a great stepping stone. All of the features were designed to be where you need them when you need them. The layout inherits elements from Pioneer's DDJ-S series with jog wheels, Performance Pads, play and cue buttons, independent Auto Loop buttons and all knobs and fader positions arranged in a similar way to Pioneer's professional gear. The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is constructed from premium materials and features high-quality audio circuitry. Its robust build will shrug off the knocks and bumps of regular use, while the distinctive styling and aluminium jog wheel deliver a professional feel. Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Serato Ready

Serato is one of the most popular, and longest established pieces of DJ Software out there with Serato DJ Pro holding the mantle of "world's most popular DJ software". The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 was designed with Serato integration in mind from the outset and comes bundled with a free copy of Serato DJ Lite Serato DJ Lite is easy to learn and keeps things simple while you're starting out; built upon Serato DJ Pro technology, you'll find it reliable and intuitive as you build your skills and learn your craft. Nothing's more frustrating than buggy, difficult software, but with Serato DJ Lite, you're assured of an easy learning curve. Should you decide to take the jump to Serato DJ Pro, then you can purchase an upgrade which will unlock the advanced features of Serato DJ Pro whilst allowing you to keep learning on hardware you own and have learnt thoroughly.

Scratch FX

The world famous DJ Jazzy Jeff worked with Pioneer on the DDJ-SB3 to bring advanced scratch effects within reach of beginners. Drop in traditional scratch effects to your sets without needing any prior experience of scratching. The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 features dedicated control pads for the inbuilt "Pad Scratch" function; pad scratch allows you to add scratch effects to cued and currently playing songs without a turntable. This new effect lets you reproduce, and create patterns from, eight of hip-hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff’s different scratch recordings. As the speed automatically matches the BPM, you won’t need to worry about breaking rhythm. There's also a host of industry standard effects built in, which can be easily accessed via the DDJ-SB3's control pads and dedicated FX control knobs. There's a world of expression built right into the DDJ-SB3, all it takes is some imagination and you'll be creating great sets in no time. If you're looking for a great way to get into DJ'ing, and to learn the tools and skills of the trade, then the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 controller is a great place to start.