Pioneer DDJ-SX3: Serato in Physical Form
The Pioneer DDJ-SX3 is a 4 channel DJ controller and the optimal solution for use with Serato. Bring the software to life with extremely low latency jog wheels, two laptop USB inputs and tonnes of features. The 3 microphone inputs are perfect for live music situations, each modifiable via the EQ and FX functions. This product is for the top-end mobile DJ who is on the go, perfect for in the club, at weddings or whenever the time is right. The SX3 is available to order on our website here, with free delivery to anywhere in the UK! Pioneer DDJ-SX3 DJ controller serato dj pro 4 channel djtechdirect birmingham

Pioneer DDJ-SX3: Serato in Physical Form

The SX3 is definitely aimed at the mobile DJ market. The sheer amount of features make it a go-to for any live situation. It is even able to support DJ's changing over, as the dual USB inputs allow for the next DJ to plug in and get ready while the current DJ is still performing. pioneer ddj-sx3 serato back rear controller inputs outputs

Make your Voice Heard

No matter what the occasion, you will be ready with three microphone inputs. You can EQ these signals using the three-band equalisation on the mixer, and apply FX to the channel such as Sound Colour FX and Serato DJ Pro FX.

pioneer ddj-sx3 mic inputs microphone dj controller

Easy Changeover

The benefit of having two USB ports on the rear of the unit is the ability to set up a second DJ, whilst simultaneously finishing off your set (or vice versa). Alternatively, take advantage of this feature in a back-to-back environment. The four channels allow for two DJs to battle it out all at the same time! pioneer ddj-sx3 rear usb ports dual back

Pro-Level Design Features

The layout of the DDJ-SX3 follows the same formula as the top end Pioneer gear. The jog wheels are a good size so there is no wasted space. The four-channel mixer features an equal number of inputs, so you can connect up to four external analogue sources such as CDJ's or Turntables. Because of this, the mixer section can be used standalone! The speaker outputs are three-fold, with two master outs and a booth out. The master outs use XLR or RCA and the booth uses a TRS connection. pioneer ddj-sx3 pro features dj controller djtechdirect birmingham

Built for Performance

Just under the jog wheels are the pads. You will find these on a majority of Pioneers newer ranges, as they have become a fan favourite. The hot cues enable you to jump between your own loaded cue points. Because of this, you have complete control over your music collection. Roll and Slicer are great for real-time mashups and live FX, whereas the Sampler does what it says on the tin. The colours of the pads change based on the action they carry out, it is easy to follow! pioneer ddj-sx3 dj controller performance pads djtechdirect birmingham

Additional Features

Your favourite creative tools from the Pioneer mixers are present, such as the choice of sound colour effects lifted straight from the DJM mixer series. Another feature included in the SX3 is 'slip mode'. Those who like to cut, loop and scratch in real-time can do so without affecting the position of track playback! With regards to software add-ons, the SX3 will work with Serato DVS, but it is a paid upgrade. You do, however, get Pitch 'n Time DJ included. The benefit of this is that you can change the tempo and key of songs (even to drastic levels) without affecting the quality. serato pitch time dj The Pioneer DDJ-SX3 is available to order in store or on our website -