Numark has been in the digital controller game for a while now and the NS6 is proof that they should definitely not be ignored. With the NS6, Numark brings a well built and well designed 4 channel Serato Controller that doesn't completely break the bank. The NS6 is the little brother to Numarks pricier and more comprehensive NS7. So what makes the NS6 stand out compared to other Serato Controllers? lets take a look... ns6

The Mixer

The first thing you will notice when you open up the NS6 is the 4 channel stand alone mixer in the middle. The fact it's a stand alone mixer means you can use the NS6 completely independent of a laptop or Serato. You have Four pairs of inputs which are all switchable on the back of the mixer and on the front. You can plug in 4 different sources and just use the mixer section and effects. You also get another 2 decks layered on top of decks one and two to give you control of 4 decks on Serato. At £699 its a nice feature to include, giving you some real flexibility. ns6

The Strip Search

No, its not what you're thinking. There's no need to remove any items of clothing while operating this unit.. Strip Search is what Numark have called the Ribbon Controller you see at the top of each Deck section. Its not a completely new idea however the implementation is elegant, really simple and doesn't take up room while still giving you plenty of space to pop your finger down and not miscue. ns6

The Pad Section

Under the jog wheels you get a really responsive pad section which gives you all the features you would expect. The nice touch is that they have given the pads dual functionality so you have control over more than you think. There are 5 pad modes, 3 of which have a dual function. ns6

Software integration

Numark have done a great job integrating Serato into this controller. Its cleverly laid out and mapped to give a clean uninterrupted view of all of your information.

The Jog Wheel

So the first thing you lose from the NS7 is the motorised platters. However you do get a great alternative. The NS6 comes with weighted ultra high resolution jog wheels. They feel great to the touch and the weight gives them a very familiar feel. The jog wheels give you 3600 ticks per rotation which means it picks up the slightest of touches. Scratching is great on the NS6 because of this. The Hi-Res displays on each wheel give DJ's all the info they need to keep their mixes going. ns6

Double USB Outputs

Numark have included 2 USB outputs on this controller to enable to you to connect two seperate laptops. This is especially useful for venues who have more than one dj playing. DJ's can now easily handover to the next without having to unplug etc, now you can go from one DJ to another seemlessly. Or you and your friend can DJ using two seperate laptops, on 4 channels all at the same time! ns6


The Numark NS6 II is just £699. For the price, as you can see, you get a plethora of flagship quality features. The controller feels weighty and well built. It feels like it can take a knock or two. While it may not share the glamour of Pioneer controllers, Numark have a reputation of building some great affordable controllers. Not only are they affordable but they work! They have always built controllers that really have great integration with the software it provides with it, in this case, Serato DJ. The Numark NS6 II is available to order online or from our Birmingham Showroom now!