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Pioneer DDJ-XP2 : Get the Most From Your DJ Software!

As far as versatility goes, Pioneer DJ are running the show at the moment with the new DDJ-XP2; a controller that works with both Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. The predecessor to the XP2 is the XP1, which is an 'add-on controller' that works solely with Rekordbox software. The DDJ-XP2 adds to the functionality of the XP1, without changing its core purpose - enabling the user to have full control over the components within their DJ software. pioneer dj ddj-xp2 djtechdirect

Built to Last

The layout of the DDJ-XP2 features two decks, each with sixteen performance pads (32 in total). The pads can withstand everything you throw at them, so you can bash away at these pads to your hearts content. The response time of pads is exceptionally quick, so there is no comprimise when it comes to live performance. On each side of the performace pads are touch sensitive effects strips, so the application of your chosen effect depends on how you are running your fingers over them.

More Possibilities than Ever Before

Serato has only ever enabled the user to manage up to eight pads at any one time. The DDJ-XP2 has doubled up and now allows you to use sixteen pads simultaneously with Serato DJ Pro. Transport mode allows the user to assign the main control features to the pads on the XP2, such as play/pause and cue. The sixteen pads split into two modes at once. Hot cues and samples load without switching between modes, saving precious time! Silent cue is a new feature that works with both software platforms, whereby you can cue up with no audio coming out by using the hot cue button. The hot cue button acts as a trigger so you can jump between silent and normal mode on each deck. pioneer dj ddj-xp2 djtechdirect

New Features

As well as the new silent cue mode, the Pioneer DDJ-XP2 is jam packed with exciting features. The looping capabilities on the unit have been filtered down from the DJM-S9 (Pioneer's Serato battle mixer). There is no need to use a power outlet as the XP2 is powered using USB power. If you want to use this unit with rekordbox, you can do so without purchasing any extra licenses. Incorporated within the package is a full rekordbox license (including DVS). For added security when out and about, Pioneer DJ have included Kensingtion lock capabilities. Simply use the built in lock to prevent anyone taking the unit from its location. Overall, this new product from Pioneer DJ is the perfect tool for the creatives. Customising your set has never been this easy! Simply add this controller to your digital DJ setup and you will instantly notice an improvement in your workflow. Available now in store and online.