Pioneer DJM 450 Review

Lets talk bedroom mixers. Actually lets not, because this is so much more.



This two-channel DJ mixer has an in-built soundcard with USB input for integration with laptop setups, as well as the usual line and phono inputs. What I really like about the DJM 450 is how heavily it borrows from DJM-900NXS2, including a Magvel crossfader, 64-bit digital signal processing, Sound Colour and Beat FX. Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise and Filter effects are supported in the Sound Colour section, while eight parameters, such as Flanger, Trans and Roll, are accessible from the Beat FX panel. Send and return functionality is available via USB and can be used in conjunction with the other two effects sections. rekordbox comes free with the mixer, including the timecode vinyl DVS pack.

Curry Company 100V Line or Space Ibiza in your bedroom?

The Magvel crossfader (inherited from the DJM-900NXS2), are designed with the scratch DJ in mind. It performs really well during our in store tests and is much improved performance to that of your average two channel mixer. Quote Pioneer “an accurate response and assured feel during complicated scratch techniques.”. They ain’t wrong!  The Quality of sound coming out of this mixer is professional club quality. I’m not talking about your local Curry club’ss 100 v line setup, more Space Ibiza Terrace quality. This may not be that important for general purpose home use but when it comes to recording mixes it certainly is! We really like the new line effects as well. We found ourselves predominantly using the filter, both high and low pass, as it has such a nice tone to it that can be adjusted using the ‘parameter’ control. If you see yourself as the next Richie Hawtin then the noise, sweep and dub echo can be used to create big build ups a drops. Then there is also the beat effects that automatically sync with the bad boy tunes your putting through the mixer but don’t worry these can be manually adjusted if for what ever reason it doesn’t get i right.

Any one want to buy my old Mixer?

I still have my DJM 400 set up with Technics 1210’s at home and its runs in perfect order. Even so Pioneer have pulled this off an I think this has swayed me. Anyone want to by my 400 so I can upgrade to a 450?

If you would rather a DJM 450 over a 2nd hand battered 10 year old 400 you can get yours here.