Pioneer DJM-S3: Serato Through and Through
The Pioneer DJM-S3 is a two-channel DJ mixer designed for use with Serato DJ Pro software. When first connected, the S3 unlocks Serato DJ Pro and DVS, so you are ready to explore the vast possibilities of digital DJing! The on-board digital soundcard enables you to effortlessly utilise your digital music library in a professional two-channel environment. The S3 shares the same blueprint as the DJM-250, but the 250's software counterpart is rekordbox, not Serato. If the latter is your preferred choice of interface, then the S3 is for you! The DJM-S3 is available in our Birmingham showroom or on our website! pioneer djm-s3 serato dj mixer two channel

Pioneer DJM-S3: Serato Through and Through

In 2018, Serato streamlined their products into 'lite' and 'pro' versions. The S3 unlocks the full version, giving you access to twenty years of development and engineering (the first Serato product 'Pitch 'n Time' was launched back in 1999). With this mixer, industry-standard hardware and software come together. No matter what genre, style or environment, every DJ can use this product and reap the benefits. Soundcloud and Tidal streaming are effortlessly integrated with the software, giving the DJ limitless options beyond their current library. serato dj pro pioneer djm-s3 mixer dj

Pride of Place

The S3 knows exactly what people are using it for, hence why the crossfader is built to last. The Magvel fader doesn't shy away from usage and can withstand literally millions of fades back and forth. This is the same on the flagship 900NXS2 mixer, so don't think you're getting cheaper design features! There is plenty of room to do your thing on the bottom half of the mixer face. If you need further creative flair, the DDJ-SP1 offers more pads for triggering hot cues and samples. Just hook it up via USB and you're away!

pioneer djm-s3 serato dj lite pro mixer

Familiar Design

The basic principle of this two-channel mixer remains the same as any of its kind. You get one crossfader, two channel faders and three-band EQ on each. These can play from one of three sources; USB, Line or Phono. Because of this, the S3 is just as at home with analogue signals as it is with Serato! Additional features on the crossfader include the ability to adjust the curve between a straight crossing and wider centre-point (or just bypass altogether with 'THRU'). The direction of the fader has a reverse option, with the individual style of scratch DJs in mind. Both channels have a filter, which acts as high-pass and low-pass when adjusted clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively. The amount it applies to the signal is tweakable using the 'Parameter' knob on the left. pioneer djm-s3 serato dj mixer top front magvel fader filters scratch reverse

Great Sound Quality

The S3 incorporates high-quality audio that is expected from such a well-reputed brand. The crowd will hear all the dynamics and emotion from the music as the musicians intended. This is true for both analogue and digital sources, with great care taken to look after the sonic nuances. There are two headphone connections onboard the S3 so there is no panicked realisation that you left your adaptor at home! Both 1/4 inch and 3.5mm connections are present. The volume through your cans is adjustable, and you also control what you hear with the cue/master knob. This unit is the perfect mixer to sit between your decks if you have Serato or want to futureproof yourself. With an abundance of connection options and a robust, well-designed interface, its a no-brainer. The S3 is available in our Birmingham showroom and on our website!