Pioneer DDJ-SR2 - Made for Performance
The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is a portable yet feature-heavy entry in the DDJ range. It offers two channels that integrate with Serato software, giving you access to all of the creative aspects that go with it! With a vast amount of connections, cleverly sized jog wheels and a plethora of triggers at your fingertips, Pioneer didn't leave much to the imagination with the SR2. Perfect for the home and/or gigging DJ, the SR2 isn't too big to lug around but not so small that it falls below the professional level. The inclusion of Serato DJ Pro means that you have the perfect pairing; the biggest name in DJ hardware and the biggest in DJ software! Check it out in our Birmingham showroom, or order on our website! pioneer ddj-sr2 controller serato birmingham djtechdirect

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 - Made for Performance

Sitting very proudly in the mid-tier of Pioneer DJ offerings is the DDJ-SR2. A healthy portion of compact, efficient design and pro features, there is no more to be offered from a controller at this level. The interface is designed around its software counterpart, with controls in every nook and cranny that correspond to a Serato feature. This is important, as it would be a nightmare to have to trawl through the software mid-set. You are at the helm. Because of this, you can hone in your skills and develop your own techniques. pioneer ddj-sr2 dj controller serato front top

Pitch 'N Time

'Serato Pitch 'N Time' is the software companies first ever product, launched in 1998. They have come a long way since then, and have integrated their research into the brain of the SR2. Between four and five o'clock on the border of each jog wheel is a dedicated section just for this. There are three functions to manipulate as you wish; SYNC - Synchronise the key of the songs - Useful for key analysed tracks (such as 'mixed in key') to be mixed harmonically. SHIFT - Alter the key of the song by half a step (semitone) but keep the current tempo. RESET - If in doubt, reset to the default key.

All the Pads You Need

The SR2 shares its pad section with the DDJ-1000SRT. That means proper, robust performance pads with high sensitivity. Choose from sampler, roll, slicer and hot cue to add some creative flair to your set. Their full size allows for precise and well-timed response.

pioneer performance pads ddj-sr2 controller

On the Go

The compact design and pro features of the DDJ-SR2 make it the ideal companion for on the road. There are also bags available, such as the DJC-R (see our website). The unit is powered by either USB Buss power or the included AC adaptor. It's good practise (especially when in the club) to connect both, giving you a backup if the laptop decides not to play along! pioneer ddj-sr2 djc-r bag controller serato


All in all, there are three options in terms of audio output. Master 1 (Balanced XLR), Master 2 (Twin RCA) and Booth (Balanced TRS). Due to this, you can hook straight up into a professional PA system, or just a pair of active speakers. Both channels are accessible for external sources such as turntables and media players (such as CDJ's). The inputs are switchable between line and phono, so even low-level signals from turntables are boosted!

pioneer ddj-sr2 back rear dj mixer connections xlr rca trs

Big Jogs

Rather than settle for smaller jog wheels and make more room for buttons, the platters on the SR2 are as big as they sensibly could be. Their response is fantastic and really make you feel at home when beatmatching, cueing and scratching.

Packed with Extras

On top of all of this, the DDJ-SR2 packs in a few features that solidify its place at the top; Needle Search - Swiftly find different parts of songs and navigate the whole track with one touch. Mixer for External Audio - The two-channel mixer works just as well with external sources, so you can utilise EQ and trim. Metering for Both Channels - Visualise the volume levels of both channels simultaneously. DVS Ready - If all of this isn't enough, the SR2 is ready to work with Serato DVS! This controller is available for demonstrations in our Birmingham showroom and can be ordered in-store or on our website!