Pioneer DJM-S9
The DJM-S9 is new on the horizon with Pioneer. Its a two-channel mixer for Serato DJ and it gives the power directly to the user and can be fully personalised in alignment not only with the software, but its hardware too with the revolutionary Magvel Fader Pro. DJM-S9_ANGLE_HERO_High It looks like the new S9 unit is aimed at the scratch market and has taken aspects of the old Pioneer DJM-909 battle mixer, but the new mixer gives a fast and precise cross fader complete with detachable pads to soften the motion of the switch. It has performance pads and FX buttons which are simple to map and the user can customise the hardware to their preference also, so scratch battles will now become ever-so-much-more interesting. djm-s9-front-2 djm-s9-rear-2 There are two sound cards installed, which is a must when djs are on the same bill. There's nothing more annoying than turning up to a gig and not being able to just get straight into the action! Grrrr! There's loads going on with this mixer, as in looks-wise as well as functions, but every button serves a great purpose and with the colour schemes with the pads, its all quite pleasing to the eye... and after a while, it doesnt look so daunting after-all. There's also a limited edition Gold model that will be available, but be warned, there will only be a certain number allocated to the UK, so we very strongly suggest that you pre-order as soon as you can... These WILL go down in history. There's a video available too of the scratch/hiphop maestro 'Jazzy Jeff', giving his thoughts on the DJM-S9 and to be honest, whatever he says about mixers, goes... And yes, he loves it!! For further information or to pre-order yours, head over to our main website or call us on 0121 224 7650 where we'll be happy to help you.