Pioneer HDJ-X7 DJ Headphones
Pioneer HDJ-X7 Headphones are professional DJ headphones built to withstand military-grade use and abuse whilst sounding great, night after night. Pioneer: kings of professional DJ equipment, and manufacturers of industry standard Dj decks and mixers, also make a range of professional Dj headphones. Bringing their knowledge of the rigorous demands of the DJ booth, Pioneer delivers the goods with rugged, great sounding pro headphones. In today's Dj Tech Direct blog, we take a look at the outstanding Pioneer HDJ-X7 DJ Headphones... Pioneer HDJ-X7

Pro Headphones - Pro Performance

A decent pair of headphones is less a luxury and more of a necessity for anyone serious about their craft as a DJ. From club to club, the only consistent element is often a DJ’s headphones. A good pair of cans can make a huge difference in being able to cue and EQ tracks properly. If you’re serious about DJ’ing, then investing in a professional pair of headphones is always a great place to put your money. With a respected brand such as Pioneer, you can be assured of a quality product with decades of engineering know-how behind them. Pioneer's HDJ range of headphones has turned heads recently, with innovative design, high-quality build, and superb sound quality. Basically, everything Pioneer is known for in the Pro-DJ world. Sitting below the range-topping Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones, the Pioneer HDJ-X7 headphones feature a similar design, with the same build quality, in a more cost-effective package. It's an appealing proposition which is bound to be of interest to a lot of DJ's Pioneer HDJ-X7

Pioneer HDJ-X7

Pioneer has designed the HDJ-X7 headphones based upon feedback they've from professional DJs; using this feedback they've come up with new design features which have improved even upon Pioneer's previous professional DJ headphones. The Pioneer HDJ-X7 headphones use newly developed drivers, which have been designed to provide clean monitoring even at high volumes; in other words, exactly the kind of use every DJ puts their cans through, every night. An independent ground wire in the 4-core twisted-structure cable is designed to provide superior left and right channel separation. Even the best sounding headphones are no good if they're uncomfortable whilst wearing them. Pioneer has put a lot of work into the design of the HDJ-X7, and it hasn't gone un-noticed; these headphones recently won an iF Design Award, for the clever design details of the Pioneer HDJ-X7 Pioneer's HDJ-X range of headphones is designed to be flexible...literally! A flexible headband means your headphones will be a perfect fit whilst a swivel mechanism allows you to wear them comfortably, whichever way you prefer, for long periods of time. pioneer-hdj-x7-

Built Rugged - Built To Last

Just like their bigger brother, the HDJ-X10, the Pioneer HDJ-X7 headphones are built rugged and built to last. There's no need to worry about bumps and knocks during transport as the HDJ-X& DJ headphones can handle severe conditions and heavy use. They even cleared the US Military Standard Shock test. Pioneer includes a 2-year warranty on the HDJ-X7 headphones, but they also stand behind them, even long after the warranty expires. We all know that the day in day out wear and tear of DJ use can eventually lead to parts wearing out; it's good news then if the parts to repair your headphones are readily available. Pioneer offers a comprehensive spare parts range for the HDJ-X series of headphones, including day to wear and tear items such as replacement cables, ear-pads etc. You'll be able to enjoy your favourite headphones for years to come. Looking for a new pair of pro-level Dj cans? Had your head turned by the HDJ-X10's but can't quite stretch to the price? Then the Pioneer HDJ-X7 headphones could be just the cans for you.