Yamaha MG06 Mixer provides a great, compact way to add inputs to a small PA system or anywhere you need additional inputs. Yamaha is one of the biggest names in the world of Music Technology; making everything from concert grand pianos, to guitars, drums, keyboards, mixing desks, you name it! Today on the DJ Tech Direct Blog, we look at their smallest mixing desk, the Yamaha MG06... Yamaha MG06 side profile

Yamaha - A Name you can Trust

For more than half a century, Yamaha has been building quality music gear, which has built a global reputation for quality. From beginner level instruments, through to world-class, high-end professional mixing consoles, the Yamaha brand stands for quality. Yamaha’s MG series of compact mixing consoles, combines an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, with solid construction, and a high-quality signal path. With a product lineup of compact mixing consoles comprising of models from six to twenty channels, there's an MG mixer for everyone. Whether you need a compact mixer for installation, recording, or live music, the solid construction of the MG series and the flexible design of the MG consoles lets you shape your sound with confidence, it’ll sound great, every time.

Yamaha MG06 Compact Mixer

Yamaha’s MG06 Mixer is the baby of the range, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s built to a lesser quality or standard than the other mixers in the range. Many of the same features found on its bigger brothers are to be found in the MG06 The Yamaha MG06 is a super-compact, six input mixer, with two microphone preamplifiers, and six line inputs, comprising two mono line inputs and two stereo line inputs. The Yamaha MG06 is ideal anywhere you need to mix a handful of commonplace sources down to a stereo mix. It's ideal for use with compact PA systems, for example allowing two vocalists to perform to a backing track. Anywhere you need to add an extra few inputs to a stereo input and have tonal control over those inputs, the Yamaha MG06 is the tool for the job! Yamaha MG06 top

Small Size – Big Features

Just because you might need a small sized mixer, doesn't mean you need to compromise on sound quality, or being able to shape your sound YOUR way. The MG06 gives you the tools you need in a compact format. Just like the bigger consoles in the Yamaha MG series, the MG06 features Yamaha’s D-PRE, Discrete Class A microphone preamplifiers. For those without an electronics degree, that means great quality sound from any microphone Whether you're using a regular dynamic microphone, or a studio style condenser microphone, the inclusion of phantom power, an input gain pad and A simple but powerful EQ and high pass filter, makes sure they'll sound and perform to their best. A pair of stereo channels makes it easy to connect sources such as laptops, keyboards, synthesizers or any other line-level device with ease. It’s ideal for solo performers, MCs and a bunch of other applications! Finally, the stereo outputs are provided on both ¼” Jack outputs and professional style XLR connections. It's a really easy way of connecting directly to a PA system or any other stereo line input. If you're looking for a tiny mixer which is big on sound quality, then the Yamaha MG06 compact mixer should be at the top of your shopping list.