Pioneer RB-DMX1 - Sound and Vision Go Hand in Hand
The Pioneer RB-DMX1 is a DMX interface for use with rekordbox lighting mode. This enables rekordbox to talk to your DMX512 setup in real-time, making your live set a fully automated and syncronised sensory experience! The main purpose of this product is to bridge the gap between rekordbox and lighting. It connects via USB to your Mac/PC and then links to a DMX output that goes into your lighting setup. To get one for yourself, head over to our website here! pioneer dj RB-DMX1 rekordbox lighting dmx interface djtechdirect birmingham

RB-DMX1 - Compact Box

This unit is designed to be reliable on the road due to its compact size and strong build. The outer casing is aluminium, and Pioneer has even included protruding edges to protect any potential damage to the terminals. Because of this, you can confidently take this with you and trust that it will survive the journey and the set. pioneer dmx rekordbox rb-dmx1 interface dj lighting

Ready to Go

The RB-DMX1 includes the essentials to get started. Included in the box is a rekordbox DJ license. This allows you to prepare visuals from the get-go. Simply hook up to a supported DMX lighting fixture and bring your ideas to life. pioneer dmx rekordbox rb-dmx1 interface dj lighting

Light Up Your Life

As a function within rekordbox, lighting mode is a great feature for syncronising your music with visuals. There are presets and patterns ready to go, so if you need a powerful setup in a short timeframe, these are perfect. What's more, these are fully customisable on the fly so you can adjust the show based on the current environment. pioneer dmx rekordbox rb-dmx1 interface dj lighting

Support is on Hand

Need a DMX configuration that isn't within the library of fixtures? Request it in Pioneers forum and they will add it for you! Due to this constant support, this unit is very useful to have on the road! pioneer dmx rekordbox rb-dmx1 interface dj lighting

Easy to Use

Overall, this unit does a great job at hooking up rekordbox to DMX512 supported lighting. This is due to how well it integrates with your lights. There is a setting that automatically adjusts the lighting based on the track that is playing, for dynamic performance. What's more, these settings are tweakable to keep the performance fresh and to your liking. No matter the magnitude of the venue, this little box will get the job done. In order to start your DMX journey, or incorporate it into your existing setup, head over to our website here and grab one for yourself!