Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 Decks - Club Standard For a Reason
If you are a DJ, party-goer, musician or have ever just walked into a club and spotted the person who is playing music, then you will know what Pioneer DJ decks look like. The Pioneer CDJ and DJM combinations have dominated the club scene for years. The most popular current offering is the world-renowned 'NXS2' setup. This range is treated as the 'industry standard' for DJ's. There are incredibly few industries that have such a prominent front-runner. The first example that springs to mind is the Apple iPhone, but even then the contenders put up a tough fight. So why is the NXS2 setup so ahead in the game? As someone who uses this setup weekly, I never expect to enter a booth that has an alternative (maybe one day I'll be presented with a rotary mixer, but one can dream). To see a full NXS2 rig for yourself, we have a setup on permanent demo in our Birmingham showroom! The full Pioneer range is also available to purchase on our online store.

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Pioneer NXS2 Decks - Club Standard For a Reason

Due to the lifestyle of the professional DJ, you can't be carrying around your own gear all the time. Musicians will argue that when they travel, they take their own kit. But, they will play on the venue's choice of PA, front of house desk, monitor desk etc. The DJ equivalent to guitars and drums is a USB stick or laptop. Luckily, these are incredibly portable. Because of this, you only need to rock up with a backpack. There is a need for a universally recognised hardware setup that all DJs can easily use. Whether you are playing in Sydney or Small Heath, the setup is the same if not slightly different. Enter the Pioneer CDJ and DJM range. pioneer dj roger sanchez decks cdj djm nxs2 djtechdirect birmingham

Familiar Layout

A key aspect of the NXS2 setup is the familiar interface. The original idea of the CDJ was to act as a digital upgrade from turntables and since then, not a lot has changed. In the 90s, Pioneer's CDJ was essentially a CD player with pitch control, jog adjust and a cue button. This was a huge step for DJing, as the new technology for music playback in a digital format was now entering the DJ scene. After a few models and lots of feedback, the CDJ-1000 arrived. This was 19 years ago, and in that time this design has become a staple in the industry.

pioneer cdj djm 1000 mk1 2000 nxs2 dj djtechdirect birminghamMixer is as Mixer Does

DJ mixers all do the same job. In short, they are a central hub for the audio signals, allowing the user to attenuate volume and frequency levels. Regardless, there is a lot more to this than it seems. The mixer processes the audio signal so it is ready for the speakers, and the components used to do this can be of varying quality. Not to mention the onboard FX and extra features. The Pioneer DJM range has always had a superb sound quality and a great interface which has not strayed too far since 1996. New technology has been filtered in, with new FX and screens as technological advances come about, but the core soul of the DJM range remains strong. pioneer mixers djm-500 djm-900nxs2 birmingham djtechdirect

Your Friend in the Booth

Pioneer crafted a range of DJ equipment that is for the masses. As a kid, you strive to get the chance to use a Pioneer setup. As a Pro DJ, you are thankful that you don't need to spend time getting used to the equipment at different venues. It's the perfect formula. To get your hands on these for your venue or studio, you can order through our website here!