Pioneer XDJ-XZ - The Ultimate DJ Controller
The new Pioneer XDJ-XZ is everything a DJ needs and more. The unit comes with full-sized jog wheels with RGB screens and supports USB playback as well as rekordbox. If that's not enough, come 2020 the XZ will support Serato! This will truly need to be seen to be believed, hence why it will be showcased at our showroom for a Birmingham exclusive event and can be ordered on our website! pioneer xdj-xz controller dj all-in-one new

XDJ-XZ : No Compromise

The XDJ-XZ fills a void that Pioneer have not ventured into yet. For example; the DDJ-1000 has full-sized jogs but only works as a controller with your laptop. The XDJ-RX2 can be used with USBs but has small jogs. The NXS2 setup can be used with both software and USBs, but costs just under £6,000 to put together. In comes the XZ. For less than the price of just one of the NXS2 products, it has everything. The first thing you will notice about the XZ is its sheer size. The depth is larger than that of a CDJ-2000NXS2, purely so they could fit everything you wanted on there. The benefit of this is that it feels incredibly professional. They have effectively merged together a DJM-900NXS2 mixer with a combination of CDJ's with DDJ elements. pioneer xdj-xz controller rekordox serato usb all-in-one top

Perform like a Pro

The four-channel mixer inherits a lot from the DJM series, skipping past the 750 and acting more like a 900NXS2 mixer. For scratching, the large jogs provide a top of the range experience that is usually only found on club level setups. The XZ leapfrogs the NXS2 in that respect, as the jogs have an RGB screen enabling you to see all the critical info during your set. Also present are the trusted group of effects (Beat FX and Sound Colour FX).

Play the Way You Want

The reason that the XZ is the Holy Grail of DJ controllers is mainly down to the flexibility when it comes to compatibility. Those who use export mode to create playlists and load onto USBs can do so. This gives another DJ the chance to bring along their USB stick, plug themselves in and go (there are two USB slots available). Software users also rejoice, as the XDJ-XZ is compatible with rekordbox and Serato DJ. Serato support is coming early part of 2020. pioneer xdj-xz birmingham jog wheel pads

The Best in Audio Quality

Not to be underestimated is the digital signal processing that makes sure no quality is lost from the source. The 64-bit DSP makes for superior sonic performance so the crowd get incredible dynamics and frequencies. The mix is tweakable as a whole due to the master output EQ. Small changes can be made to the three frequency bands depending on the environment. MC's will be pleased to hear that the XZ prevents any unwanted feedback on the microphone so the set will go on unaffected.

The More the Merrier

Another 'first' for Pioneer DJ is the inclusion of Pro DJ link in an all-in-one product. As well as just hooking up external Pioneer units, they are linkable to synchronise the music. Not just that, but the screen onboard the XZ lets you browse through the library on the external source! pioneer xdj-xz controller

Not to be Missed

The XDJ-XZ is truly a flagship product from Pioneer DJ. Stacked with features and professional level design elements, it is hard to pick any part of this beast that isn't ten out of ten. To see it for yourself, head over to our exclusive first look in Birmingham at our showroom on 05.12.19. It will also be available on demonstration after that date! The XZ is available to order on our website!