RANE MP2015 - Rotary Mixing for a New Generation
The Rane MP2015 is a rotary mixer with retro appeal for a new generation. By now, you have more than likely spotted the MP2015 in a DJ setup, be it live or online. Its eye-catching design has removed all evidence of a standard fader, instead opting for a full rotary control and looks stunning (we have it on demo in our showroom and on our website). This approach was pioneered by Bozak back in 1974. The CMA-10-2D was designed as a HiFi pre-amp, but the individual rotary controls for each input helped it find a way into early DJ setups. The user can adjust the gain for each source individually whilst attenuating frequencies with the onboard EQ. Sound familiar? That's pretty much what all modern-day DJ mixers do. But, the Bozak did it with the class and style of 1970's HiFi. RANE followed suit in 1999 with the MP2016S, a rotary DJ mixer with the XP2016 processor. Fast forward to 2015 and they introduce the aptly named MP2015, a no holds barred mixer created for use mainly by House and Techno DJs. Check it out here.

rane mp2016 mp2016s xp2016 mp2015 rotary mixer 2015 1999 djMP2015 - Studio Quality Processing

The 2015 doesn't just look incredible, it sounds great too. This is solely down to the brilliant engineering of the internal circuitry. This mixer processes high-quality audio signals and output them without any loss of sonic value. Because of this, it is the perfect companion for a pair of turntables. Vinyl records are a purely 'analogue' source, in that no digital conversion takes place to get the signal output. The 2015 can then work its magic on the audio signal without any prior loss of quality via digital data compression (turning a pure sound wave into 1's and 0's). For CDJ users, my recommendation is to take advantage of the digital connections that are built in to get the signal to the 2015. By using the coaxial output of the CDJ, and connecting to the coaxial input on the 2015, the analogue processing is bypassed, ensuring that the 2015 can unpack the digital data rather than use an already processed signal. rane mp2015 mixer rear back connections input output analog digital

Frequency Precision

DJ's used to the interface of regular mixers will recognise the three-band EQ dedicated to each of the channels. The crossover points (frequency where attenuation starts to take place) appear in the menu when hooked up to your computer via USB. Adjusting them from there is simple! For even more control, the isolator EQ allows you to tweak the overall output. The crossovers for these filters are also adjustable using the built-in rotary knob. rane mp2015 eq isolator low mid high crossover

Effective Changeover

The benefit of having two USB inputs available on source select is that swapping over between DJ's is easier than ever. If they are also using a laptop, they can connect whilst you are still playing. In terms of other simultaneous options, the 2015 allows for four digital sources (CDJ's etc), four analogue sources (turntables etc) and two laptops at any one time.

rane mp2015 connection decks hopw many channels mixer dj Cross-Platform

There are three software options that are compatible with this mixer; Serato DJ + DVS, Traktor Scratch and Virtual DJ. The MP2015 is truly a godsend for a majority of the DJ demographic. It is rotary, high quality and feels as professional as it gets. The build quality makes it last. The abundance of connections makes it a true all-rounder. The level of sonic superiority is outstanding. For the fader lovers amongst you, don't rule this out completely. Scratching is nigh-on-impossible, but it is so fun to mix with! House and Techno DJ's (or DJ's who aren't scratching) are using rotary technology more and more. To book a demo - drop us a call on 0121 224 7650 -- Available in-store or is available to order online now