Pioneer's All New DDJ-400

The All New DDJ-400

The DDJ-400, complete with Rekordbox DJ, is Pioneer's latest addition to the controller family; supported by years of innovation and tactile design learning to DJ has never been easier. Mirroring the layout of Pioneer's flagship NXS2 set-up, developing your skills in line with the industry standard has been made more affordable than ever. Shared elements include: dedicated cue buttons, Beat FX, CDJ-style looping controls plus much more. The ultimate solution to ensure you're club ready when you take that next step. ddj-400-main

Tutorials & Rekordbox DJ to Get You Started

The DDJ-400 comes with access to Rekordbox DJ's Tutorial feature. A library of easy to follow instructive tasks and challenges will help you to get to grips with the gear in no time. This can they be pushed to more advanced techniques and styles of performance - allowing you to confidently master the art of the DJ. To get these features and more simply input the license key bundled with the controller. Once the Rekordbox DJ software is activated simply connect the DDJ-400 to your computer/laptop device via the USB cable provided and you're good to go. Easy. Using the software is also simple and intuitive. Much like the familiar iTunes interface you can create playlists, drag and drop your tracks into various locations, rate and ID your sound files, and more. Your device's screen displaying the selected tracks waveform, BPM and other salient details to aid in your mixing.

Where Simplicity & Creativity Converge

The DDJ-400's built-in soundcard allows straight up connection and power up through your computer/laptop device via USB connection. For added flexibility you can also choose to hear your mix through your chosen device's internal speakers to embrace mixing on the go. Much like your typical club set up, you can also use your headphones to cue independently of the master out. Bring some added colour and creativity to your sets too; apply a number of professional FX tempo matched to the track that’s playing by via the Beat FX feature. Giving you the chance to craft unique performances even if you’re just starting out. ddj-400-angle

Kickstart Your DJ Career

Lightweight and portable, familiar and intuitive, the DDJ-400 is the ultimate start up companion. Take to parties, practice sessions, use on the go, or even in bars and clubs. You’ll soon feel at home while performing. Built for both beginner and advanced capabilities - the DDJ-400 is your gateway into the world of DJing with an affordable price tag as the cherry on top.