Pioneer's TORAIZ AS-1 Synth

A Creative Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer

Pioneer's TORAIZ AS-1 is a digital musical instrument imbued with new creative possibilities, built for the stage and studio. Parameter dials allow for intuitive changes that range from the subtle to the dramatic, paving the way for unique creative flair across your musical performances and personalised sounds. A touchpad-style keyboard and slider provides off-the-fly manipulation during the music-making process. toraiz-as-1-main-n

Fully Programmable

Pioneer's TORAIZ AS-1 is a fully programmable, true analogue synthesis engine inspired by Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6 synthesizer; inheriting 7 on-board effects directly from the Prophet-6 synth alongside brand new digital distortion features. Create one-of-a-kind sounds using 2 VCOs, 2 VCFs, and VCA, 2 EGs and 1 LFO. Once you have your chosen sound and its parameter settings, save as a program ready to access instantly where and when it suits you best.

Presets, FX and Creative Individuality

Pioneer's TORAIZ embodies 495 inspiring preset programmes each with their own unique sound and dynamic 64-step sequence. All can be can be edited separately to generate a swathe of diverse musical ideas and personalised synth outputs. Want to make your own way? Save up to 495 of your own programmes across 5 user banks. Use single or dual FX via the Prophet-6-derived engine to add even more texture and density to your sounds; FXs include Bucket Brigade Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulation, Chorus and Maestro Phaser. toraiz-as-1-rear-new

Intricate Sound Sculpting

Add dynamic changes to your sounds and performances using TORAIZ AS-1's tactile slider to manipulate up to 7 different parameters; shift the pitch of 2 oscillators, adjust FX colour and much more. Perform in perfect harmony using the responsive touchpad keyboard or change the notes assigned to the keys with Scale Mode. The simple interface and intuitive design grants the user full control, able to master even the most intricate of routines in lighting time. Whether an industry professional or fledgling artist, out on the stage or nestled in the studio, the TORAIZ AS-1 is built with versatility in mind able to suit all your creative needs and musical applications.