RANE TWELVE: Changing the Game

RANE TWELVE: Changing the Game

In a world where DVS vinyl allows DJ's to utlise their turntables to control their digital music collection, RANE have crafted an all new take on spinning records. Rather than use existing decks with timecode vinyl, running through a DVS box, the RANE TWELVE is a whole new beast. The same size as a standard turntable, the TWELVE comes with a motorised platter with custom torque settings. When connected via USB to the battle mixer, these are controlled using Serato. There is no tonearm, as the TWELVE senses your touch on the platter and repsonds accordingly. This is the peak of digital DJing in the classic vinyl style. rane twelve motorised dj

Motorised Platter

The main draw to this unit is the incredibly innovative use of a motorised platter. It seamlessly immitates a classic deck like the SL-1210, whilst playing tracks you store digitally. The 12 inch platter feels like the real thing. The reason for it's accuracy is the sheer amount of data that goes into revolution. The TWELVE uses 3,600 ticks every time it revolves, so every touch is recognised straight away!

Familiar Layout

The RANE TWELVE has that familiar deck layout, so any turntablists will feel instantly at home. The torque of the motor is adjustable to suit the needs of any DJ who is seeking that familiar feeling, with a 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor. Controller users fear not, as the built-in strip search function also acts as hot cue triggers! rane twelve motorised platter dj deck

Fast and Slow

Rather than relying on a standard speed, the TWELVE uses all the functions a turntable should have. Two speeds are available, 331/3 and 45 RPM. The pitch slider is also adjustable, with eight, sixteen and fifty percent range options. The 'top panel' is seperate to the motorised platter, so the renowned motor off switch still makes sure you can do a classic wind down! rane twelve dj platter

The Future of DJing

Vinyl DJing has been a preference for a lot of DJ's over the years. DJing started using two records and blending them however you please. To be able to use these techniques with total creative freedom with your digital collections is a massive breakthrough in the industry. No chance of records skipping means the performace is reliable, and you can mix to your hearts content! The 2019 model of the TWELVE features a black platter for the ultimate vinyl feeling. Also available are specialised cases for on the go users, as these are perfect for the travelling DJ who really wants to make an impression. Available to try in store or order via our website!