REVIEW - Pioneer Wireless Tech Tour @ DJ Tech Direct, Wed 6th March

Big thanks to all those who attended and an even bigger thanks Rob @ Pioneer DJ for hosting the event at the DJ Tech Direct Store!

The Pioneer Wireless Tech Tour was intended to demonstrate the best and the latest Pioneer DJ range. IMG_1601First, taking on the Pioneer CDJ 2000 NEXUS and Pioneer DJM 2000 NEXUSsystem, Rob - Pioneer DJ's resident Equipment guru - highlighted the NEW wireless connectivity capabilities of this DJ package. Also covering the different media playback possibilities (USB, SD card, CD, DVD and direct from computer), new effects on the DJM 2000 NEXUS, Rob demonstrated how the CDJ 2000 NEXUS can access music via the Pioneer Rekordbox music management software on your laptop AND Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices - via Wi-Fi! Pioneer's Wireless Technology actually extends beyond the CDJ / DJM 2000 NEXUS system and is featured on the Pioneer XDJ Aero DJ console. Now, one thing Rob was keen to stress, the Pioneer XDJ Aero isn't necessarily just a 'Wi-Fi' DJ system. He presented the Pioneer XDJ Aero, first and foremost, as a Pioneer Rekordbox player. For those who aren't too familiar with the RekordBox concept - RekordBox is a music management software provided FREE OF CHARGE by Pioneer. Via this fantastic software, you can pre-prepare all of your digital music - set Cue-points, loops, accurately analyse BPM, Beat-grid your tracks, visually represent the wave-forms, create playlists and categorise your music easily! When transferring music to USB storage devices, SD cards or when playing directly from the RekordBox software via LAN, all the information you set within the track (cues, loops, tags etc) all become visible to the Pioneer media player. This has massive benefits for ultra-accurate beat detection, looping, sync, FX sync and more. For instance, as Rob demonstrated, via Rekordbox, the player that you are using will give a visual indication of a countdown to your next cue-point or loop marker - a massive advantage in creative mixing! Going back to the XDJ Aero, all of this functionality comes across - just like the CDJ 2000. That therefore makes the Pioneer XDJ Aero almost on par with the Pioneer CDJ 2000 NEXUS and other Rekordbox players. IMG_1608 Then, with the wireless capabilities, Rob demonstrated how the Pioneer XDJ Aero will generate a Wi-Fi nextwork for up to 4 device to link to the console itself. This could be a laptop computer with the RekordBox software installed or a tablet / mobile device with the RekordBox app installed. You can then load tracks from any one of the 4 devices to any of the two decks on the Pioneer XDJ Aero! He also showed a cool feature of how you can hook up a USB storage device and use your mobile device or table to browse and load files from the USB device to the Aero console! IMG_1613 After wowing the crowds with the Pioneer XDJ Aero and Pioneer NEXUS system, Rob took a little bit of time to explain the awesome Pioneer RMX 1000 Remix Console in more detail. After demonstrating the Isolate, Scene and X-pad FX individually and then layered on top of each other, Rob also explained more about the little known RemixBox software that accompanies the RMX 1000 - allowing you to customise performance parameters, samples and even use as a VST instrument in music production. Unknown to many who attended, the Pioneer RMX 1000 also works as a USB hardware MIDI controller to direct control over the software in VST mode... pretty awesome! IMG_1620 After a brief Q&A, a few one-to-one demos and chatting to attendees, Rob wrapped up the evening by drawing a lucky winner for a FREE pair of Pioneer HDJ 1500 DJ headphones! Looks like his mate was getting ready to Harlem shake in celebration too.

Finishing the evening off, we handed out the obligatory FREE DJ Tech Direct Donuts and cakes, leaving us to begin planning the next Pioneer event at the DJ Tech Direct store.... did someone say Pioneer DDJ SX...?