Roland GO:MIXER: Compact mixer for smartphone performances
Roland GO:MIXER has the potential to make anybody a social media star. The model is a portable mixer that is compact and easy-to-use, allowing you to mix audio, perform and record video, all on to your smartphone. It has always been quite simple to record quality video on your smartphone, but obtaining a similar sound performance has been somewhat tricky. This is especially the case if you want to record multiple instruments at the same time. This is where the Roland GO:MIXER steps in. All you need to do is plug in the Go Mixer to record an immaculate stereo soundtrack to your videos as you perform.

Transparent Sound Quality

Without the Roland GO:MIXER, you would have to rely on your phone’s poor quality mono mic or record tracks on an external device and then sync them to your video via an editor. Thanks to the Roland Go’s multiple selection of inputs, you can easily connect musical instruments, a mic and media players so that you can mix them all together live as you shoot your performance. rolang-go-mixer The input levels can be mixed according to real-time by using the model’s front panel knobs, while the stereo output jack takes care of headphones and speakers. One of the line-level inputs showcases a ‘Centre Cancel’ function which is ideal for karaoke sessions, for all types of singing level (but enthusiasm is a must). If you are into creating content for social media, the Roland GO:MIXER truly will enhance your videos with professional level sound quality, so plug in and watch your follower count shoot up.

Pristine Digital Sound

If you have only ever recorded your music phones using your devices’ built-in audio, you will immediately notice the improved sound quality when using the Roland Go. The better the sound in your videos, the more impact your content will create. With the Roland GO:MIXER you can enjoy an immaculately digital audio quality without the interference of background noise. rolang-go-mixer-2

Sing Along

In a fun little feature for vocalists, the Roland GO:MIXER allows you to sing along to your favourite tunes. Super-easy to use, just connect your music player to the mixer and then boot up the model’s ‘Centre Cancel’ function. This lowers the volume of the main vocal in the song you play, allowing your dulcet tones to take centre stage.

Great for Video Production

If you fancy yourself as the next up and coming vlogging star, the Roland Go enables you to create high-quality video productions from the convenience of your smartphone. You can use the model to record and share video via Facebook Live and other video sharing apps. Whether you are creating tutorials, vlogs or reviews, basically any kind of video content, you can be assured that your videos will be enhanced with a professional edge. The GO:MIXER gives you the opportunity to mix bumper music and narration with live audio, so you efficiently and quickly elevate your videos to the next level. rolang-go-mixer-connections The Roland GO:MIXER is a true ‘Plug and Play’ device. We defy you not to be impressed by how quickly and easily you can capture numerous voices, audio sources and instruments, all onto your smartphone. Granted, the Roland GO:MIXER won’t appeal to everybody. But for its fun and easy functionality, it is a great resource to have when crafting your own videos, whether you recording your next music performance or vlog. For its price point and great functionality, the Roland Go mixer is a winner.