Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer: Conservation and Innovation
Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer recreates the iconic sound of the TR-909 drum machine, all in a compact, palm-friendly design. The TR-909 was a truly seminal drum machine that still makes it presence felt today in dance music over thirty years since it hit the shelves. Now, in the 21st century, Roland have launched the Boutique series, of which the TR-09 is an important part. roland-tr-09

Continuity and Change

The TR-09 shares the same user interface and front-panel design as its namesake and predecessor, so original players will nostalgically appreciate the attention to detail that has lovingly recreated the 909. In a departure from the original and as a testament to new technology, the TR-09 is driven by Roland’s unique ABC technology. This means that the TR-09 enjoys the same thrilling power as the 909 but in a more compact, lightweight and affordable design. So what else is new?

Expect 909 Power

Quite simply, the 909 sounded like no other drum machine before it thanks to its combination of analogue kick, tom and snare drums with six-bit samples for the cymbals and hi-hats. This hybrid approach was truly revolutionary and its effects have reverberated down the years. Now, in the updated TR-09, you can still enjoy this ground-breaking sound, but, thanks to Roland’s Analogue Circuit Behaviour technology, you can also edit and alter the parameters to suit your preference. A perfect blend of conservation and innovation. roland-tr-09-angle

High-Calibre TR-TEC Sequencer

Fans of the original TR-909 will fondly remember the timeless TR-TEC type of programming which offered a choice of Tap or Step write modes. This is also the case with the TR-09, however in a new and updated twist, you can change modes while patterns carries on playing. In the new TR-09, the sequencer has 16 steps with each showcasing 16 sub-steps so you can really immerse yourself in your creation and add intricate details to your performance. In a nod to the 909, you can also use the display and rotary encoder to male your pattern perfect.

Brilliantly Portable

The TR-09, as well as showcasing an impressively compact and lightweight structure, is also brilliantly portable. The model is powered by 4 x AA batteries so you can have it to hand while out and about when inspiration strikes. After all, some of the best ideas occur to you far away from the confines of the studio. You also have the choice to power the model with USB bus power, so all bases are covered. roland-tr-09-angle-2

Versatile Connectivity

The TR-09 easily connects with other kit so it will seamlessly integrate into your existing kit. You can reconfigure the main stereo mini-jack output to send the chosen instrument to the right channel and the other instrument outputs to the left. A trigger output allows the TR-09 to power old-school analogue synths such as the JX-3P or SH-101. You can also control and sync other gear by utilising the MIDI ports or USB, and you can also send four individual drum sounds to your favourite DAW to continue working on it. With this array of connectivity options, the creative possibilities of the model are greatly enhanced.

Directly Record to Your DAW

The TR-09 also doubles as a high-calibre audio interface via its USB port. This means that you can easily and quickly directly record to your DAW of choice. You can send individual drum parts to separate channels as a result of the model’s four subtle USB outputs. Added to this, you can save your favourite sequencer patterns and settings, thanks to the USB data function. roland-tr-09-connections Old-school meets modern and classic meets contemporary in this beautifully designed homage to the original and much-loved TR-909 drum machine. Fans of the original will be blown away by the TR-09 design’s acute attention to detail. This is not just a period piece however. A whole new generation of fans will be won over by the TR-09’s winning features.