Numark NDX 500: Reliable, entry-level player
Numark NDX 500 is quite simply versatility is object form, that object being a USB/CD media player and software controller. The model lets you DJ with your entire media library, anywhere you want. The NDX500 has the capability to play and mix music from practically any digital audio source, so you are totally in control. The model combines wide-ranging standalone functionality with thorough software and hardware integration. As a result, you can DJ with CDs, MP3 CDs and USB flash drives, all without the need to turn on your computer. Alternatively, you can utilise the model’s built-in audio interface and USB-MIDI mode to DJ with software. For an affordable and entry-level model, the NDX500 truly exceeds expectations. Let’s take a look at the features the model offers, all at a reasonable price tag. Numark-NDX-500-2

High-Calibre Jog Wheel

One of the most impressive features of this accessible design is its touch-sensitive jog wheel that intuitively works with super-sharp accuracy. The wheel is enhanced with adaptive platter technology that realigns itself to deliver the best possible performance, unaffected by humidity or specific environmental demands. As a result, you can search, scratch and backspin, safe in the knowledge that the wheel is reliably precise. Added to this, a fully adjustable start and stop time allows you to create vinyl-inspired braking and power up and down effects.

Crucial Connections

Each of the model’s controls is mapped onto Serato DJ, so if you choose also to invest in this software, you can simply plug the model into your PC or Mac and start playing. The NDX500 also features USB audio so you can easily play audio back from your computer. Whatever source you choose to play from, all the information you need for easy functionality is displayed on the model’s backlit screen so you can see all your key data without interrupting your performance. Numark-NDX-500

Create Your Sound

The Numark NDX 500 is ideal for newcomers to the world of DJ-ing as seen through its easy-functionality. All of the sound features and effects have been designed to be as simple as possible to use, making this a great device on which to learn your craft. Track manipulation controls allow you to bring your own creativity to the set. Thanks to hot cues you can access key points in the track while a looping start and stutter section enable you to seamlessly mix transitions and foundations. You can mix with pin-point precision thanks to the auto BPM counter with a tap-tempo override.

Robust Construction

In terms of construction, the Numark NDX 500 is a reassuringly robust design that belies its price point. Even though it is accessibly priced, it is not cheaply made so you can be assured of a tough and heavy construction that will resiliently ride the trials and tribulations of DJ life. Numark-NDX-500-rear

Screen Display

The screen display is nothing revolutionary, instead, it is simple yet informative. Don’t expect wave form displays, we are talking about an entry level model after all, so you will find a time bar which visually illustrates the progress of a track. Instead look out for important and clearly presented information such as the BPM and track and folder names. The screen also shows you want modes you are playing, for example, Prog mode, which allows you to program a series of tunes to be played without interference, making it ideal for those play long sets and require a break. Numark-NDX-500-in-use The Numark NDX 500 is quite possibly the best value for money player on the market. Granted it may not boast an array of features offered by more expensive mixers, but it is undoubtedly a brilliant model for its entry level price point. Indeed, with its hefty structure, you would be forgiven for thinking you owned a much more expensive mode.