Roland SE-02: Retro Sound, Modern Function

Roland SE-02: Retro Sound, Modern Function

A merging of Roland and Studio Electronics, the SE-02 is the first in a new line of Boutique interfaces; the series sees classic synths and hardware modules condensed and re-imagined for a new generation of music producers. The SE-02's discrete analogue circuitry creates a distinct retro sound with a vast array of programming options. Combined with high-quality dials, switches and intuitive on board sequencer, the SE-02 is a modern synthesizer that delivers colourful tone, deep texture, creative control, and many a nod to the past. se-02_k-25m_gal

Compact Design, Bold Sound

The SE-02 produces a bold synth tone with rich lows and precise, vibrant highs. Imbued with a warm, familiar vintage sound and so much more; it has three types of cross modulation (XMOD), a ripping filter feedback loop, a tempo-syncing LFO with nine waveforms, envelope sweeping and inverting, oscillator sync, a noise generator, and a tempo-syncing delay. A compact on-the-move piece of music hardware. Despite SE-02's condensed design, all switches, buttons and keys remain sturdy and plentiful with no compromise on sound-shaping capability.

Performance Ready

Choose from 384 expertly programmed presets, covering a wide range of both classic and modern tones. Tweak and modify these sounds or create something completely new in the 128 available user locations - personalised patterns made easy. Furthermore, the SE-02's new tactile 16-step sequencer puts the power of motion and dimension in your hands. Creative performance features allow you to set shuffle, scale, direction, and first/last steps on the fly, providing both spontaneity and complexity to your crafted sounds. Synth parameters can even be automated by sequencing changes - simply press a step and move a control. se-02_left_gal

Use in the Studio and on the Stage

With a solid build and lightweight design you can take the SE-02 just about anywhere. The Roland Boutique format (emulated across the series) allows it to seamlessly fit into both the K-25m and DK-01 accessory docks; add an integrated 25-key mini keyboard or affix various tilt options for all live and studio situations. Roland's Boutique SE-02 is just one of an exciting new series of products, all sharing the same versatile blueprint to appease a new generation of music producers - building on the pioneering sounds of the past to comfortably suit the needs of the present (and future).