Roland TB-03: The TB-303 Condensed & Improved

Roland TB-03: The TB-303 Condensed & Improved

The TB-03, bringing the famous TB-303 Bass Line Synth back to life with some modern twists. Layout and controls are unchanged, capturing the look and feel of the original, yet some new enhancements and improvements breathe fresh life into the sound of a generation. As well as improved sound features, the TB-03's design is condensed and versatile. Perfect for use in the studio, on the stage, and even on the move with its battery power function - grab inspiration wherever it hits you.

Easier & More Accurate

The TB-03's four digit LED display makes programming easier and more accurate. Additional FX like overdrive and delay also bring further scope to your sequences. While perfect for the stage, back in the studio the TB-03 can send control information via MIDI and USB, the latter functioning as an audio interface.

Classic Character

Saw and square waveforms are available, along with all of the rotary control knobs that help shape the 303’s unique character, including tuning, cutoff, resonance, envelop mod, decay, and accent. As part of the reputable AIRA series, the TB-03 uses the same ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology accurately emulating the unforgettable sound of its parent 303, with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

The Original and More

The TB-03 includes a number of enhancements over the 303 such as four-digit LED visual representation, extra FX like overdrive, delay, and reverb, and MIDI and USB ports that allow send and receive control information, connecting easily to computer-based DAWs. The original, just easier to use and with more features. A overly versatile controller, even able to use the CV/Gate output to control external analogue gear and modular synthesizers - the device of a generation with some modern twists and turns. Yet another great addition to the Roland family.