Tannoy Reveal 402's gives you more bang for your buck!
The new Tannoy reveal range has a heap of history to fall back on but also a lot to live up to. So do these new 402's do their famous forefathers proud? Packing in 70 watts per speaker, they come with an abundance of inputs and optimising features which i'm sure will give many budding producers a reason to give these a chance. tannoy reveal 402, tannoy loudspesaker, studio monitors

Custom tweaked by Dr Paul Mills

The first thing to note of these speakers harks back to the prestige of Tannoy as a company. Dr Paul Mills has been a key figure in creating the signature sound of the companies many speakers for years. After getting his Phd in electronics systems engineering he found himself at Celestion and then over 25 years ago joined Tannoy. Since then he has continued to innovate and bought to market speakers that have managed to stand the test of time. Due to being finely tuned by Dr Mills these speakers claim to provide accurate timing and create great stereo imaging. tannoy reveal 402, tannoy loudspeaker, studio monitors

Simple yet Stylish

These Tannoy Reveal's don't intend on breaking boundaries when it comes to design however there is something of a simple elegance to them. The speakers feel well built and robust and feel well beyond their price point. The design as stated before is simple, with the brand placed on the front centre and a monochrome colour scheme. You can also find the Tannoy name across one side of the speaker in a subtle gloss black which is just about noticeable and adds the hint of a premium product. tannoy reveal 402, tannoy loudspeaker

Plenty of Bass

The Tannoy Reveal 402's come with a 4 inch high efficiency low frequency driver which claims to provide added bass response. While they won't give you the lows of a bigger monitor it is still a really pleasant listening experience. These would not be replacements for your primary studio monitor however would be a great secondary reference speaker or to record some rough mixes before mastering. The tuned front firing bass port means these can be placed near a wall too which is a bonus when you don't have lots of room to work with. All of this, along with the rubberised foam base providing acoustic isolation, ensure these speakers provide a full sound for such small boxes. tannoy reveal 402

Flexible with inputs

The Tannoy Reveal 402's come packed with alot of inputs and connections for a pair of speakers at their price point. They come with both balanced and unbalanced inputs which is a great option for budding producers who look to slowly build their set up. It means regardless of what you upgrade to, the reveal 402's will have you covered. On the back you will also find various settings for a stereo set up. This includes speaker position to indicate which is the left and right speaker which can be used when using the monitor link. This will ensure a good stereo image. In between these ports you will find and Aux input which means you can enjoy just listening to music on these speakers. Plug in an different source whether its a music streamer or hi-res music player. Lastly there are a few basic EQ options along with the volume dial. Picking which setting you want is completely down to the user and the acoustics in the room. It even gives you the option to switch voltage capacity which is a nice feature to include on such a budget.


Tannoy does have a lot to live up to when it comes to the Reveal range however at £89.00 for one, and £175 for the pair it hard not to think they could inspire a whole new generation of music producer. They are compact but give a surprisingly full sound and in addition to that, they come packed with inputs, most of which would normally take you up a price bracket. If you don't want to break the bank and want a pair of monitors that are built to last then the Tannoy Reveal 402's are a great option. If you need bigger sound you can always go up to the 502's or the 802's! The Reveal 402's will be available to buy at djtechdirect.com.