Pioneer RM Monitors: Premium Tier Performance
Pioneer's top of the range studio monitors are eye-catching, well built and sound superb! The RM-05 and RM-07 have coaxial drive units and toroidal transformers and are acoustically isolated inside. The result is a classy studio monitor that is available to hear in our showroom or order on our website!

Pioneer RM Studio MonitorsMonitors Created for the Producers

Just by looking at this powered range of monitors, you can tell the manufacturers have taken their time to create a special product. Gone are the rectangular cabinets and normal drive unit positions. Instead, we get an innovative design with intriguing details. The aim set out by these speakers is to reproduce a high sound pressure level, whilst retaining balanced sonic characteristics with a wide frequency spectrum. As a result, the RM monitors are suited to near field environments.

High Fidelity Technology

The steps taken to enable these to be 'premium tier' involved the inclusion of Coaxial HD drivers. These are likened to the Uni-Q array found on KEF's Hi-Fi speakers such as the renowned LS50's. The thinking behind this design choice is based on improved accuracy at the point source, i.e the optimal reproduction of sound for where you are sitting in the area. Rather than having a mid/bass driver doing your low to mid-range frequencies, with a separate tweeter located above it doing the top-end, the RM driver does the lot. pioneer dj rm monitor speakers point source array driver coaxial

Crafted for Power

Internally, the RM series speakers are built to pack a punch. They do so whilst retaining a neutral sound, which is why they are so impressive. The built-in amplifiers were designed specifically for usage in these speakers. They are class AB, which is a balance between efficiency and power. The outer mid/bass unit and inner tweeter are bi-amped, so the full frequency range is taken care of. The use of Toroidal transformers in the amplifier lets you know that the technology that has gone into the RM series has not faced any compromise. These transformers are smaller and more efficient due to far less lost in the windings and core of the transformer (smaller = better). The signal to noise ratio is better as a result, with less distortion. pioneer rm studio monitor frequency range spectrum spl

Don't Forget the Top-End

Whilst bass is a sought after necessity for modern electronic music producers, the high frequencies are just as important. In this case, Pioneer uses an aluminium hard dome tweeter and diaphragm for those sizzling tops, reaching up to 50 kHz. Even though we cannot hear them, it makes for more control within the audible spectrum. pioneer rm studio monitor tweeter diaphragm aluminium hard dome

Room to Breathe

Drive units need space in the speaker enclosure to move air around effectively. The air is then pushed through the speaker port. On the RM series speakers, this port is on the front. This allows you to place these as close to the wall as needed. When the port is on the rear of the unit and air hits the wall too soon upon release, the bass is adversely affected. Luckily the RM's avoid this! On the inside of the speakers is an acoustic tube that utilises Pioneers AFAST technology. It stops the build-up of standing waves - very low frequencies that act as a wave rather than a ray due to their size (lower frequency = longer wavelength). This prevents these waves affecting how the driver moves, making for much more solid audio image, especially at the lower end. pioneer rm studio monitors afast acoustic tube standing waves

Strong Construction - Solid Performance

In order to reduce resonant frequencies affecting the sound, the cabinet of the RM speakers is solid aluminium. The shape also improves rigidity to keep them stable at all volumes. As every room is different, you get a three-band equaliser on the rear of each speaker. These monitors are tailored to suit the user, and you can definitely notice the difference when compared to standard monitors! pioneer rm monitor speakers eq pioneer rm monitor speakers Available in-store and via our website