Pioneer XDJ-RX2 : All you Need in One Place
If you want to use your USB to DJ, and want the reliable and reputable quality of Pioneer DJ units, the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 fits the bill. Rather than dish out on a full NXS2 rig, the RX2 brings everything you need into one standalone unit. This stunning controller is on permanent demonstration in our showroom and available to order on our website! pioneer xdj-rx2 controller

Only a Touch Away

The RX2 features a single display that shows both decks simultaneously. The seven inch display uses a touch screen, so you can quickly browse and search with ease. The waveform has different zoom settings, so the dynamic moments in your set are fully visualised, giving you an idea of what's coming! There is also a QWERTY keyboard option as well as needle search and short cuts. pioneer dj xdj-rx2 controller touch screen


The layout of the RX2 shares a lot with its Nexus siblings. The technology of the faders and EQs is the same as the club-standard DJM mixer range. As well as this, the effects are also present and correct. Both Sound Colour FX and Beat FX are accessible via the RX2's in-built mixer. The effects can be used on their own or combined together for enhanced creativity and flow. pioneer dj xdj-rx2 mixer effects fx

Creative Performance

Both of the decks on this unit have their own performance pads. There are eight on each (sixteen in total) and they can be used a variety of ways. The Hot Cue function is one option, as well as Looping and Jumping between beats. pioneer xdj-rx2 performance pads

Rekordbox Compatibility

The RX2 works beautifully with Pioneer's DJ software. Not only can you plug into rekordox 'export' and play your prepared tunes (without the need to put them on a memory stick), but you can also use the included licence key to take full advantage of performance mode.

Advanced Connectivity

As this unit is designed for both club and home use, the connectivity options are second to none. For those who need a microphone input, you have two! Both mic inputs are XLR and 1/4 inch TRS connectable. The additional inputs allow you to use the mixer to control two analogue sources such as CDJ's or Turntables. pioneer xdj-rx2 connections usb

Highest Quality

The digital signal processing within the RX2 uses technology from Pioneer's top of the range DJ gear. This means less distortion for the most accurate reproduction of your digital library.

Added Protection

On the road DJ's need proper protection when transporting controllers from venue to venue. Pioneer and Magma have you covered. The matching flight case offers the ultimate cover, or if you just need a bag, Pioneer offers the DJC-RX2. pioneer dj xdj-rx2 bag djx-rx

Everything in One Place

The XDJ-RX2 covers all basis. With a variety of connections available, it's a DJ's best friend! If you're looking for a controller for your venue (that other DJ's are going to be plugging into) then it is a much cheaper alternative to CDJ's and a DJM mixer. DJ's can still bring their own USB's or choose to plug and play from their laptop. Need turntables? Plug them into the analogue inputs! Be it underground nights, weddings or just a standard set - the XDJ-RX2 gives you the chance to be flexible. With an additional booth output, this controller is at home in any club but also transforms any standard setup into a professional rig. Available in-store or via our website!